Rejoicing My First Cry

In your immaculately spell binding eyes; I found an astronomical ocean of Omnipotent light; maneuvering my every dwindling footstep towards the
untamed fireballs of prosperity,

In your celestially rubicund palms; I found my impoverished destiny bloom past the corridors of eternity; spawning into a wholesomely new chapter of fabulous creation,

In your poignantly crimson and holistic blood; I found the impregnably overwhelming tenacity; to stand unflinchingly against the most acrimoniously
treacherous attacks,

In your ingratiatingly sacrosanct voice; I found the rudiments of the most enthralling existence; blending my soul with ubiquitously perpetual elements of irrefutable truth and peace,

In your invincibly supreme shadow; I found a perennial river of ecstatic enchantment to lead life beyond my times; embrace one and all in the royal religion of humanity; alike,

In your stupendously profound footprints; I found a tornado of passionate nostalgia; reminiscing all those priceless moments of fantastic life; that had blissful kept me alive,

In your wonderfully intriguing mind; I found a divinely solution to relinquish all indiscriminately uncouth killing; a messiah to keep the fathomless planet harmoniously bonded; and bountifully breathing,

In your magnanimously benign shoulders; I found an uninhibitedly compassionate comfort; which even the most opulently embellished contraption on this earth;
miserably dithered to provide,

In your incredulously mesmerizing signature; I found the ultimate stamp of flamboyant authority; an everlasting longing to philanthropically succeed; irrespective of the unfathomable juggernaut of impediments that dared crumble me in my way,

In your incomprehensibly godly womb; I found the most majestic proliferation of Almighty’s colossal evolution; as I worshipped it indefatigably for decades immemorial,

In your impeccably cascading eyelashes; I found the most innocently heavenly charisma on this boundlessly gregarious Universe; coalescing myself for infinite
more births yet to unveil; in an impregnable entrenchment of truth; non-violence and unbelievable calm,

In your innocuously alluring earlobes; I found all the Omnipresent sound of this fathomlessly overpowering earth; as I radiated like an ebullient fairy; in the mystically poignant aura of its irrefutable reverberations,

In your miraculously rejuvenating stride; I found the unimaginably resilient fervor to flamboyantly surge forward in life; fight till my last iota of breath; to free my motherland from the dungeons of lecherously manipulative captivity,

In your beautifully slender fingers; I found marvelously fulminating artistry; an incessant reservoir of solidarity to bless all those horrendously deprived; with the Omniscient powers of the divine,

In your benevolently unfettered smile; I found all unsurpassable richness of heaven in my penurious lifetime; a tumultuous transpiration to solely listen to the innermost voices of my conscience; and yet prudently survive,

In your piquantly protruding nose; I found unequivocally egalitarian philosophies leading to the path of unconquerable righteousness; an unprecedented ardor to forever blossom in; vibrant life,

In your integrally rhapsodic ideals; I found an unchallengable conviction to patriotically sequester all devastatingly tottering mankind; rise above my graves to the tiniest insinuation of my comrades in insidious pain,

In your passionately fragrant breath; I found an unending volcano of euphorically sprouting life; a perpetual desire to exist in glorious symbiosis; with countless more
of my diminutive kind,

In your immortally unparalleled heartbeats; I found the love that I had always insatiably desired; the wholesomely compassionate beams of comfort that kept
every despicably wandering organism; kingly and alive,

But it was only in your gorgeously sacerdotal lap O! divine mother; that I found all the happiness of my disastrously staggering life; perennially basking in the aisles of fresh birth once again; rejoicing forever and ever and ever; the first cry of
my beautifully gifted life.


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