Rightfully Yours

It was my luxury car; which I had purchased out of my own hard earned money; my countless hours of unrelenting perspiration,

It was my dungeon of glittering gold; which I had assimilated after marathon years of acrid perseverance and unending strife,

It was my palatial dwelling; which I had articulately constructed; splashing a slurry of water and soft cement with my very own hands,

It was my profusely embellished watch; which I had bought from the exotic showrooms of France; while philandering exuberantly through the intricate lanes
of the intriguingly jeweled city,

It was my adorably immaculate shirt; which I had mended infinite times; so that it enveloped my skin delectably to designer perfection and charismatic grace,

It was my supremely handsome toy; which I had kept on my bedroom window; to amuse myself to unprecedented limits as I woke up from blissful sleep; with a jolt
every dawn,

It was my tantalizingly alluring perfume; which I had extricated tenaciously from the roots of the ravishingly foliated rose tree,

It was my fantasy; which I perceived relentlessly day in and day out; without the slightest of respite; basking in the aisles of unfathomable desire and incomprehensible passion,

It was my tawny cat intensely embodied with silken fur; which I cuddled flirtatiously; before sleep and to thunderously spice my every night,

It was my scintillating diamond ring; which I intransigently admired for hours immemorial; sitting tranquilly beneath the enchanting beams of celestial moonshine,

It was my barrel of exorbitantly expensive rum; which I seductively sipped; to slip into a world of unsurpassable fantasy; miles away from the tyranny of this acrimonious world in the swirl of its voluptuously intoxicating charm,

It was my wardrobe of exquisitely glimmering pearls; inundating my eyes with fabulous light; when the world outside had started getting stringently appalling and
hazily dim,

It was my impeccable handkerchief culminating into boundless knots; bearing the insignia of towering luminaries from all round the colossal globe,

It was my gargantuan assemblage of land; harboring a fathomless ensemble of delectable fruit and salubrious vegetable on its marvelously fecund foundations,

It was my emerald studded fountain pen; assisting me prolifically in my endeavor to write infinite lines of spell binding and wholesomely enthralling literature,

It was my consortium of contemporary factories; which manufactured and evolved the most intricate and dainty objects ever sighted on the surface of this vast planet,

It was my oligarchic ivory cigar; catapulting me vivaciously into the realms of seventh heaven; the instant I inhaled the most minuscule of its addictively titillating smoke,

It was my overwhelming inspiration and fortified tenacity; that saw me sail through the most acerbically Herculean task,

It was my resplendently silver cap which pompously augmented my inconspicuous demeanor; enticed the most seductive of damsels to come at whisker lengths from
my shivering body,

It was my ostentatiously bulging tablet of luxury soap that produced the most captivating of scented froth; sent me into fits of tumultuous delight the moments I
meekly caressed it on my dead skin,

And it was my perspiration; my efforts; my prudent sagaciousness; my inherent charm; my prolific prowess to procreate.etc.; but let me tell you O! revered Mother; this impoverished life of mine was given to me by you divinely grace; was rightfully yours for many more births yet to come.


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