The rocks were romancing with the vivacious waves; enjoying the rhapsodic tanginess on their exotically bare bodied periphery,

The sheep were romancing with the voluptuous carpet of grass; rolling in untamed jubilation on its stalks; as the Sun descended over the golden horizons,

The horses were romancing with the mystical mountains; gallivanting like a jeweled prince through the unfathomable labyrinth of gorgeously twisted paths,

The cricket bat was romancing with the glistening leather ball; tossing it like a majestic eagle; deep and profound into the heart of the wonderfully enchanting clouds,

The roses were romancing with the stupendously vibrant winds; fluttering like a pampered prince; as the air profusely besieged each petal in whirlpools of

The eyeballs were romancing with the passionately winking lids; relishing and wholesomely embracing the compassionate coat of tingling moisture,

The fathomless deserts were romancing with the marvelously eluding mirages; being tantalized to the most unprecedented limits; as they danced the fascinating dance of their lives,

The reptiles were romancing with raunchy cocoons of soil; slithering with insurmountable frenzy; as celestial moonshine penetrated through the curtainspread of the phlegmatic night,

The bees were romancing with the impeccably sacrosanct lotus; transiting into waves of silken delight; seductively suckling the aromatic nectar incarcerated inside,

The pen was romancing with boundless sheets of bonded paper; inundating its serene trajectory with exquisite calligraphy; weaving through the essence of immortal times,

The palms were romancing with the enigmatic destiny lines; blossoming into a land of overwhelming of unparalleled mystique; as each ray crept; as each instant unveiled,

The crocodiles were romancing with the incongruous marshes; ominously pulverizing robust prey; lurking in the glory of ethereal light as mesmerizing dawn unleashed on the banks,

The valley was romancing with the royally oligarchic echoes; swirling in the enormous fountainhead of unsurpassable ecstasy and opulent charm,

The snowballs were romancing with the Omnipotent morning light; melting with unconquerable titillation into streams of gurgling melody,

The candle was romancing with the magnanimously Kingly flames; infiltrating astounding beams of optimism; in the morbid entrenchment scurried with black mice,

The mosquito was romancing with immaculate flesh; indefatigably tickling and sucking it; till the ultimate layer of its soul’s contentment,

The lips were romancing with the unrelenting island of whispers; kissing the enthralling softness of their resonation; floating with their glory into a land beyond paradise,

The child was romancing with its divinely mother; bouncing in her heavenly lap; innocently reaching out to the most remotest stars in the scarlet sky,

And my mind; body and breath; were romancing with your philanthropic heart; perpetually bonding with its beats; to always emerge the triumphant winner; to add
immortal dimensions to exhausted life.


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