She Really Loved You.

She irrefutably loved it when you lavishly admired her toes; adroitly fitted them with the most tantalizingly silver amulets – that lent sensuous charm to her impoverished

She unbelievably loved it when you gently held her palms – eclectically traced her
destiny lines on her velvety skin – added unparalleled meaning to her life with your
ecstatic charisma,

She wondrously loved it when you snuggled close to her during when the earthquake
struck – were her invincible pillar of support and royally replenished her desire with

She profoundly loved it when you admired the artistry that unfolded as she descended the rustic steps – and more so because you said that infront of several of your other girlfriends – magnanimously deserving,

She unhesitatingly loved it when you ran your fingers through her ravishing hair just
moistened by fresh first thundershowers of the monsoon – and which ignited her to feel the ecstasy in the wind blowing gustily around,

She truly loved it when you exhorted her to sit down amidst the bountifully green
environs – and then sketched the most immaculately bewildering portrait of her – that all your talent could ever muster,

She uninhibitedly loved it when you shared meal with her in the same plate – which
though disintegrated and bohemian – enthralled with the variedly ebullient ingredientsof companionship,

She unabashedly loved it when you audaciously shouted at any human who acted
deplorably with her – took her far away from the pandemonium of the congested streets – within the fantabulous wilderness of the hills,

She innocuously loved it when you embraced her unassailably close to your chest –
humming her most favorite song as your pristine lips grazed her astoundingly
gregarious ears,

She compassionately loved it when you mischievously pecked her on the cheek and
ran away – soon returned back to dance with her – breaking barriers of caste; creed;
color and tribe – to revel in the flames of seductive romance,

She indisputably loved it when you called her amazingly versatile for those
inconspicuous toys of different shapes and sizes; that she’d crafted of clay –
empowering the lives of disastrously abandoned children with mellifluous triumph,

She joyously loved it when you penned an impromptu poem on her – emanating like the natural currents of the frostily virgin waterfall – as she placidly perched herself on the meadow of desire and fantasized for goodness,

She effulgently loved it when you wholesomely shrugged off all your stringent societal formalities infront of her; divulging your true and unrestricted self to her – which was infact her greatest richness to cherish on this beautiful planet,

She brilliantly loved it when you instantaneously tore a part of your expensive shirt to
wrap around her fresh wound – informally carried her on your philanthropic shoulders to her dwelling as she amiably wrapped her arms around you,

She splendidly loved it when you proposed her out for the best date of her life – and
then instead of presenting her with spuriously costly and feckless jewelry – gifted her a letter conveying your truest feelings for her – just as the Sun royally set and the
magnificently phlegmatic night arrived,

She adorably loved it when you sincerely applauded her inimitably melodious voice –
which won over prejudice with its naturally articulate tune of love – mesmerized the
fabric of humanity towards an optimistically benevolent tomorrow,

She fabulously loved it when you fearlessly and most gladly traversed with her to the
places she wanted – rendering her the most vibrantly faithful company that she could
ever perceive of – and your artistic wittiness ensuring that she merrily jostled towards
undefeated positivity,

She unquestionably loved it when you kissed her – and the enamoring sweetness of
your togetherness – which then propounded a unique proposal infront of the world –
that which was of the, Religion of humanity,

But inspite of all this – she would still hate you if you didn’t say the real thing pretty soon – those majestically unconquerable words to solemnize your sincerity and truthful relationship – those unmatched pearls of joy which were one of the most ultimate mortal gifts in a girl’s existence – those blissfully bonding words that so gloriously resuscitated the various desolate pathways of life – those alphabets which were ofcourse – I Love you .


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