The tall silhouette of sodium light pole shivered incessantly,
When fed with Herculean amounts of white electricity.

Golden sands of the scorched desert shivered in submission,
As tumultuous currents of nocturnal breeze; swept past them at midnight.

Soggy patches of unadulterated clay shivered with nostalgia,
An aftermath of being submerged in icy rain water; after months of blistering heat.

Phlegmatic territories of green river water shivered in ecstasy,
As they bore the brunt of rosewood boats; traversing tantalizingly through their surface.

Naked parchment of white ivory paper shivered in agony,
After invading its harmony with a plethora of blemishes; leaking from the fountain pen.

Pale Grey tarmac of the road shivered in incorrigible agony,
As onerous tyre treads of steel; trespassed them unrelentingly.

Glossily striped skin of the venomous reptile shivered in cupid ebullience,
The moment it saw the succulent body of fleet footed rabbit.

Undulating demeanor of the mystical mountain shivered in bewilderment,
As it was camouflaged in entirety by crispy bedsheets of brilliant snow.

The sacrosanct body of cow shivered with philanthropic gratitude,
As it was adeptly divested of large Jerry cans of milk.

And infinite arenas of my flesh shivered with a volley of squalid goose-bumps,
Which didn’t disappear for decades immemorial,
Embossing my tangible heart with uncouth scars of shattered romance,
My eyes flooding with an ocean of tears at her slightest mention;
several years after the Creator took her prematurely away from my life.


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