Simply The Best

Overwhelmingly simplistic; yet the most priceless in the entire Universe,

Insurmountably humble; yet the most prolifically talked about from every mouth,

Harmlessly diminutive; yet the most passionately fulminating towards vivacious bits of blue sky,

Imprisoned in perpetual darkness; yet more flamboyantly blistering than the
dazzling body of Sun,

Enveloped by an ocean of blood; yet instilling compassionate traces of life in whomsoever it encountered,

Bereft of any fragrance; yet propagating its stupendously sacrosanct scent ubiquitously throughout the planet,

Rising and falling placidly like the Moon; yet able to capture every tangible entity in the tumultuous agony of its volcanic swirl,

Not possessed by any fraternity of shape; yet worshipped as the most invincible fortress since centuries immemorial,

Wholesomely devoid of the most minuscule of embellishment; yet the most cherishable ornament of every individual since the first cry of fresh life,

Irrefutably riveted to a singleton place all its life; yet finding an immortally dominant place in every cranny of cosmotic space,

Incomprehensibly without the most tiniest coating of currency coin; yet saluted as the richest of all on the trajectory of this boundless globe,

Philanthropically feather tipped; yet inexorably deluged with an unsurpassable myriad of emotions that lingered in every corner of this planet,

Completely mute and without the most infinitesimal of voice; yet able to pacify the anguished apprehensions of countless beings with an unbelievably astounding calm,

Working indefatigably all day and night; yet fantasizing to the most unprecedented limits with the uncannily innocuous prowess of a mischievously bouncing infant,

Residing in an ocean of stark blackness; yet illuminating the lives of those in inexplicable despair; with optimistic beams of golden light,
Bestowed upon with an abysmally tiny height; yet triggering off dreams beyond fathomless horizons of the sky,

Comprising of just five alphabets; yet encompassing every word in this world in its profusely ardent repertoire,

And throbbing incessantly in times of love; distress; betrayal and obsolete doom; perpetually spreading the melody of its poignant intensity even after veritable
death; the human heart is simply the best.


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