So Sacredly Immortal

The eternal compassion that radiated from her nubile persona was so overwhelmingly fantastic; that it made me wholesomely oblivious to even the most poignantly
lurking of my shadow,

The enchanting tunes that diffused from her spell binding throat were so unassailably aristocratic; that they made me stagger like piles of infinitesimally pulverized nothingness; in due obeisance of her profoundly sacrosanct grace,

The untamed voluptuousness that drifted from her bountifully effulgent hair was so majestically vivacious; that it made me feel like an inconspicuously fleeting reflection; infront of the fathomless cosmos and panoramically wonderful world outside,

The silken smiles that blossomed from her amiably charismatic lips were so philanthropically beautiful; that they made me feel an eternally blessed constituent of gregariously blooming humanity,

The oceans of unsurpassable empathy oozing from her emphatic eyes were so effusively ardent; that they metamorphosed even the most ethereal iota of my
misery; into a fountain of ebulliently unprecedented happiness,

The reverberations that emanated when she walked were so unflinchingly righteous; that they made me irrefutably salute the apostle of truth; for infinite more births of mine yet to unfurl,

The scent of unparalleled benevolence that disseminated from her soul was so fabulously eclectic; that it wholesomely swapped even the most capricious trace of malicious monotony from my life; forever and ever and ever,

The titillation that ingratiatingly wafted from her sensuous belly was so incredulously unbelievable; that it swiped me like a magical prince from my feet; to indefatigably float in the aisles of celestially rhapsodic paradise,

The unlimited spirit of ecstasy that bloomed from her golden perspiration was so regally astounding; that it made every element of my despicably dwindling
countenance triumphantly surge ahead towards the; entrenchment of unshakable glory,

The whirlpools of fantasy jubilantly liberating from her nerves were so profoundly sensitive; that they perpetuated an Omnipotent mountain of hope; into my
parsimonious hutments of treacherously morbid remorse,

The yawn encircling her marvelously pristine mouth was so harmoniously natural; that it entirely sacked even the most diminutive trace of ghastly manipulation from
my demeanor; miraculously transforming me into just the way when I was freshly born,

The cisterns of crimson blood circulating in her veins were so benign; that they Omnisciently granted a healing touch; to even the most disastrously sordid and horrendously mutilated wounds of mine,

The winds of flirtatious mischief gushing from her intricate skin were so vividly mesmerizing; that they transited me way back into realms of exhilarating adolescence; the times when even the most subtle mention of a woman; would transcend me to heavens beyond paradise,

The serendipitous mysticism unveiling from her artistic speech was so astonishingly magnetic; that it made me completely immune to even the worst of pain; smiling as an sleeping prince even as daggerheads of indescribable viciousness; stabbed me from all sides,

The fortress of boundless solidarity in her arms was so royally endowing; that it instilled in me the indefatigable tenacity; to unnervingly propel forward even as inevitable death replaced scintillating life,

The innocence in her timelessly fluttering eyelashes was so impeccably untainted; that it became my sole mantra to blissfully form perpetually passionate bonds with the Creator Divine,

The virgin boisterousness in her iridescent visage was so tirelessly fantastic; that it shrugged the asphyxiated ropes of tiredness forever away from my trembling body; bestowed upon me a perennially new lease to lead life,

The heavenly exultation in her breath was so victoriously vivid; that it annihilated the chapters of death forever from my rambunctiously croaking existence; aristocratically impregnated in me the ability to countlessly proliferate into handsome new life,

And the beats that popped out from her heart were so sacredly immortal; that they spawned caravans of uninhibited love on every step that I tread; symbolizing each instant of my life with a Samaritan purpose; symbolizing the thunderbolt of my life as a uniting harbinger of all mankind.


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