Soapy Springs For Luxurious Cleansing

The crystal maze of sparkling water,
Interwoven with threads of molecular attraction,
Adhering to peripheral blocks of scarlet plastic,
With off shooting molecules,
In angled semicircular configuration,
A boisterous echo of soapy texture,
Thoroughly spongy and elastic in dimension,
Bustling with insipidly feverish activity,
Diffusing into minuscule pearls of froth,
Clashing with robust excitement,
As I pour oblong vessels of water,
Drenching my mass of composite flesh,
Strands of curly hair,
With perennial gift of surplus liquid,
Blended with flamboyant antiseptic minerals,
Jutting from the dilapidated steel taps,
With surplus blotches of bronze,
Drawn from amazing depths of the earth’s belly,
Finally tumbles down in a united assemblage,
A carnival of frothy soapy spray,
A melodious gurgling spring of purity,
The finest form of luxurious cleansing,
Evacuating encrypted pores of blocked emotions; from deep within hidden
recesses of my body.


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