Solely In Your Immortal Heart

When I sighted my face in the astoundingly scintillating mirror; it appeared stringently
harmonious and well defined; although I soon became an obsoletely hazy blur of inconspicuous dust; as the Sun commenced on its expedition beyond the remorseful
While it was solely in your irrefutably immaculate eyes; that I profoundly radiated into sparkling newness; in the wholesomely gregarious; and spell binding fragrance of vivaciously bountiful life.

When I sighted my face in the overwhelmingly crystalline mirror; it appeared magically synchronized and pragmatically proper; although I soon became a
wisp of disastrously non-existent oblivion; when flying stones shattered the glass into a countless fragments of infinitesimal ash,
While it was solely in your unflinchingly melodious and intrepid voice; that I unassailably confronted even the most treacherously acrimonious impediments of
existence; became an eternally gratifying song; mystically blending with the gloriously divine.

When I sighted my face in the astronomically white mirror; it appeared monotonously routine as usual; with each contour radiating as explicitly as the Creator had evolved it; although I soon became a capriciously fleeting mirage as murderously diabolical shadows of the night took a vicious stranglehold of
the flamingly sweltering day,
While it was solely in your poignantly crimson and philanthropic blood; that I embraced all humanity irrespective of caste; creed; and bombastic color; in
threads of vibrantly unending compassion; and alike.

When I sighted my face in the magnificently polished mirror; it appeared a normal human caricature with lots of emphatic protrusions; although I soon disappeared into realms of dilapidated remoteness; as someone threw a pail of water upon the artificial
While it was solely in your voluptuously seductive whispers; that I unrelentingly explored the unparalleled mysticism of vividly blissful survival; felt like the most blessed organism on this Universe; holistically alive.

When I sighted my face in the unfathomably glittering mirror; it reflected back an astoundingly exactreplica of my very own self; although I soon became an
infinitesimally insipid worm slithering under the corpse; as the flamboyant Sunrays played mischievous games of hide and seek with the petrified glass,
While it was solely in the inscrutably royal lines of your Omnipotent palms; that I discovered my true identity; bloomed into a fathomless more ecstatic lives; of profusely symbiotic prosperity.

When I sighted my face in the scrupulously oiled and lanky mirror; it depicted an amazingly similar posture of my persona in the umpteenth ways that I maneuvered
it; although I soon became a sheet of nonchalant nothingness; as rambunctiously unruly children engulfed it with coarse blankets from all sides,
While it was solely in your miraculously heavenly stride; that I found an intrepidly new spirit to survive; marvelously romance with all the unsurpassably ravishing resplendence suspended in the atmosphere.

When I sighted my face in the mechanically proficient and candidly transparent mirror; it incredulously portrayed every element of my countenance as the Lord
had created it; although I soon became a puff of ominously pathetic smoke; as vicious fighter jets heinously bombarded the; ingratiating atmosphere,
While it was solely in your rhapsodically tantalizing cheeks; that I irrefutably towered over the entire planet as an unconquerably embellished prince; lived life to the very fullest and ultimate of its exhilarating capacity.

When I sighted my face in the dazzling trajectory of the gigantic mirror; it marvelously highlighted every visible cranny of my visage to spell binding
perfection; although I soon became a ludicrously slain martyr; as belligerent soldiers trampled the glass to domains beyond veritable recognition,
While it was solely in your majestically titillating breath; that I celestially culminated into the fruits of an eternally tranquil creation; unequivocally bonding with my comrades in inexplicable misery and ebulliently bouncing; alike.

And when I sighted my face in the opalescent expanse of the rustically enamoring mirror; it prudently emanated the same effulgence as that splendidly encapsulating my caricature; although I soon became a lecherously unknown piece of forlorn string; as the fleet of ungainly urchins spat condemningly on the sizzling glass,
While it was solely in your immortally passionate and invincible heart; that I found the most perennially quenching love of my life; embarked on the most benign
mission of live and let live; of course with your Omniscient blessings perpetually by my side.


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