Some married for just insatiable financial gain; profoundly exploiting every ounce of the unending wealth of their girl; to replenish each of their desire with everlasting mountains of silver and glittering gold,

Some married for just timelessly proliferating their dying kin; so that the sensuous freshness of two bodies; paved the way forward for many a more civilization; of their own blood,

Some married for just wholesome and uninterrupted obsession; chasing even the most infinitesimal desire of their girl to the most unprecedented limits; listening to nothing else but the subtlest of her whispers; on this gigantic planet,

Some married for just uncannily enthralling recreation; sighting an unfathomable cistern of newness in their girl’s face; everytime they needed to refresh themselves from the tyranny of the manipulative corporate world,

Some married for just blissfully mollifying fulfillment; catapulting to the absolute realms of seventh heaven; as each impoverished pore of two bodies met; in a thunderously untamed unison,

Some married for just celestial recuperation; splendidly healing the most inexplicable wounds of their past with the unconquerable melody in their girl’s voice; the magical tunes of inspiration that she sang in their bereaved ears,

Some married for just spurious societal status; so that they had a sanctimoniously doll like feminine partner hand in hand with them; at every cocktail and political toast; that they had to attend,

Some married for just a perfectly meticulous housekeeper; so that the Spartan hands of their girl forever exonerated those invisible cobwebs and untidiness; gave them the most astoundingly organized life that they’d always dreamt,

Some married for just wondrous psychological healing; so that their medically trained girl; slowly and slowly unwinded the disastrously mangled nerves of their brain; to make them overcome their baseless fears; and then rise like the rock of Gibraltar to face any damned obstacle on earth,

Some married for just appeasing their perennially starved bowels; with their girl who was an absolute blessing from the heavens; tantalizing the most dwindling of their taste buds; with the aroma of an infinite new dishes and recipes that she cooked every enlightening dawn,

Some married for just mere companionship; as all they wanted from the chapter of robotic life; was a girl who could triumphantly break their corpses of mundane solitariness,

Some married for just releasing the animal within; utilizing the robust flesh of their girl whenever uncontrolled demonic desire arose; and then disposing her off like pieces of invisible shit,

Some married for just an exposure to the opposite sex; after confining almost every single routine day of their treacherous lives; within the precincts of home; school; college and office,

Some married for just appeasing countless other members of close kin; placating the unsurpassably frazzled nerves of perennially worrying mothers and staunch grandmothers; by tying the thread with the girl of their choice,

Some married for just unrelenting domination; wherein their girl never ever raised her eyebrows even once; though subjected to their infinite acts of dastardly chauvinism; their tyrannical outbursts of thwarted masculine strength,

Some married for just the dungeons of esoteric perversion; ruthlessly implementing the most sadistic of their fantasies upon their girl; in the most blackened and whipping corners of this earth; far away from the tiniest scent of living kind,

Some married for just emotional security; seeking a perpetual shoulder to lean upon and indefatigably cry—the unending list of their listlessly wastrel and livid idiosyncrasies,

Some married for just true and passionate love; paying a deaf ear to even the most inconsolably deplorable abuses of the conventional society; rising as the most powerful force on earth for a humanitarian cause with their girl; at the footsteps of the Lord,

Whilst I feel that I married my girl—only to be forever cursed by a spell of undyingly asphyxiating and murderously abominable ‘Solitariness’.


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