Stages Of A Day

Yogic exercise with heavy breathing,
drenching of self with tepid water,
chanting of prayers in murky light,
complete visualization of tasks performed,
cup of frosty scalding tea at dawn,
sizzling breakfast at peak of sunrise,
a glass of crushed carrot juice,
with few milligrams of vitamin extract,
followed by a game of long tennis in evergreen lawns,
fast rides in bullet proof sports car,
zipping across snowy landscapes at inches from ground,
few hours of concentrated work at office,
pure vegetable meal at noontime,
packed warm in hi tech aluminum foil,
succeeded by perpetual sound doze,
on cushioned chair overlooking a stream,
attentive discourse evening sessions,
equally speedy return to place of dwelling,
a game of chess with multi-chipped computer,
wiping of sweat with moist cologne tissue,
a ravishing night meal of mixed steak and red wine,
few hours watching television,
followed by rigorous walk in lush green grass,
accompanied by solving crossword puzzles,
and a thunderous collapse on the foam mattress,
with all energy converted to loud snores,
is how I would like to live a single day.


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