Start Being Creative

Creativity is a shadow that incessantly flutters; changing its dimensions every unleashing second,

Creativity is something which is indefatigable; proliferating to the most unprecedented limits as each idea manifests,

Creativity is a milestone which always eludes; running further and further away; just when you thought you’d perpetually achieved it,

Creativity is a dream that could besiege you even under the most sweltering rays of sunlight; disappearing into infinitesimal wisps of non-existence; as abruptly as it had come,

Creativity is an island that crops up like thunderbolts of lightening; suddenly from amidst the most remotest portions of clouds in the sky,

Creativity is a hunger which never subsides; remaining disastrously famished; even after masticating the most wonderful fruits on this earth,

Creativity is a flower which blossoms into infinite petals every unveiling instant; endlessly shooting towards the sky; even after its ultimate summit had been reached,

Creativity is mesmerizing froth which kept you always exuberant; wholesomely rejuvenating the most pathetically dying nerves in your body,

Creativity is a fabulously voluptuous mirage that you sighted even in the murkiest of light; enticing you in its web of seductive unpredictability,

Creativity is a newly born infant; inexplicably metamorphosing its patterns as each moment of the day unleashed,

Creativity is a rainbow of multitudinal colors; magnificently spreading its fragrance of newness in every person whose life was engulfed with despicable doom,

Creativity is an ocean of tumultuously undulating waves; with each wave instantaneously reforming itself to unsurpassable proportions; after clashing against
the conglomerate of treacherous rocks,

Creativity is the chapter of relentless procreation; with each entity in the Universe giving birth to an unrelenting myriad of trendsetting forms,

Creativity is the flamboyant Sun which forever glows; dissipating its festoon of grandiloquently exuberant rays to every dying room; which badly needed it,

Creativity is an echo which reverberates till eternity; tirelessly changing its pitch like the heart of a passionately robust lover,

Creativity is the pulse of uncertainty; a sound escalating higher than turbulent thunder and yet remaining unheard,

Creativity is an insurmountably tantalizing seductress; luring your entire countenance to realms beyond the point of no control,

Creativity is an arrow which doesn’t kill; instead harnesses ebulliently animated traces of sacrosanct life; all the time,

Creativity is a road with incomprehensible number of bifurcations; with each path leading to the most beautiful gift called; Existence,

And most importantly Creativity is not exclusive; its there hidden in all of you; So c’mon lets start discovering it gorgeously priceless forms; infact the time is now ripe enough to start being creative.


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