Stay Happy; Stay Alive

Stay on top of the blisteringly sweltering equator; uncontrollably basking in the insatiably flamboyant glory of the Omnipotent Sun,

Stay on resplendently inebriating avalanches of scintillating ice; bountifully feasting every ingredient of your crimson blood; on the stupendously frosty mountains,

Stay on rustic landscapes of indigenously panoramic mud; indefatigably tingling even the most infinitesimal bud of your skin; with melodiously enchanting grass,

Stay under the unrelentingly cascading waterfalls; replenishing your drearily insipid nerves with the mantra of harmoniously holistic; symbiotism,

Stay wherever you like; but stay in rhapsodically ebullient happiness; stay ubiquitously diffusing into a fountain of everlasting jubilation; stay forever and
philanthropically alive.


Stay abreast the ferociously dazzling fires; metamorphosing even the most frigidly pernicious moments of your bedraggled life; into a sky of unconquerable optimism,

Stay intrepidly relaxing on the gigantic shark’s back; unfurling into a gorge of unfathomably exhilarating adventure; as each instant rampantly zipped by,

Stay tirelessly under the placidly mesmerizing Moon; enchantingly pacifying your tumultuously frazzled persona; with euphorically impeccable charisma,

Stay intractably near the aromatically appetizing kitchens; supremely tantalizing your disastrously impoverished nostrils; with the most delectably exotic cuisine that lingered on this gigantic Universe,

Stay wherever you like; but stay unassailably bonded in threads of solidarity; stay as God’s most innocuously blessed organisms; stay forever and philanthropically alive.


Stay rolling with the immaculately burgeoning mushrooms; marvelously saluting their honesty; as the first rays of dawn unleashed from the royally ethereal horizons,

Stay wholesomely blended with hives of the boisterous honey bee; profusely enveloping every cranny of your diminutive demeanor; with unsurpassably never-ending sweetness,
Stay unflinchingly confronting the most mightiest of tornadoes; relishing the sheer propensity of compassionate moisture; on every impression of your pathetically fading visage,

Stay powerlessly surrendered at the pristine feet of your divine beloved; profoundly nourishing every droplet of your scarlet blood; with all beauty that serendipitously enshrouded this planet,

Stay wherever you like; but stay always encapsulated with impregnable prosperity; stay shoulder to shoulder with your comrades in inexplicably traumatic pain; stay forever and philanthropically alive.


Stay lifelong with all unfortunately staggering destitute; inundating enlightening rays of desire in the lives of all those vindictively orphaned,

Stay intransigently upon the sordidly uninhibited rooftop; languishing in the aisles of unending desire; without caring two hoods about the conventionally diabolical society,

Stay brazenly bare chested on the ecstatically gallivanting horse; timelessly exploring the ravishing aura of this earth; as the majestically glorious wind gushed past the whites of your joyously blazing eyes,

Stay concisely synchronized in the dormitories of the swanky corporate office; rejoicing the quintessential fundamentals of pragmatic management; to their
unprecedented fullest,

Stay wherever you like; but stay with a smile blessing your countenance till times beyond eternity; stay pricelessly bonded with the fabric of eternally melanging mankind; stay forever and philanthropically alive.


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