Steel Bird

Waiting majestically on grey tarmac,
100 feet of solid steel mass,
eloquent window panes visible in elevation,
consisting of resistant shatter proof fiber glass,
stubby nose coated with black caps of steel,
the entire body sleeping on a framework of elongated steel,
stuck to an assembly of high quality radial Dunlop,
aerodynamic flaps of protruding wings,
enabling necessary leverage in thin air,
ergonomically soft cabin interior,
seat belts dangling from oval plastic,
bulb arrows leading to emergency exits,
inflated life vests camouflaged in cabin roof,
television monitors displaying altitude and speed,
revolving trolleys serving continental food,
circulating dailies stored in cloth racks,
overhead lockers containing hand baggage,
with tonnes of cargo in its hollow belly,
nestling in hangars for refueling,
ready to fly a million kilometers of air journey,
towering above snow alps, violent seas,
concrete cities, dense forests,
bearing signatures of Air India, British airways, Royal Nepal.etc,
flying at unbelievable heights of half a lac feet,
the highest flying tapered bird,
made up of light aluminum foil and steel,
a carrier of unparalleled privilege,
the fastest mode of transport available,
is the air bus 320.


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