Still Reigning Supreme

Although it stands in a pool of disdainful mud; with wild creepers camouflaging it in entirety,
The lotus still reigns supreme; due to its lingering redolence; the stupendously enamoring color of its leaves.

Although it is obliterated by a conglomerate of ominous thunder clouds; black gases whistling past it at swashbuckling speeds,
The moon still reigns supreme; due to its scintillating and perennial shine; which profoundly illuminates the night.

Although it flies amidst a fleet of hideous vultures; sounds of vicious wailing uncouthly caressing its wings,
The nightingale still reigns supreme; due to its incredibly mesmerizing voice
which permeates the atmosphere.

Although she swims underwater with pugnacious sharks slithering in proximity;
the multilegged octopus fervently awaiting every single opportunity to strangulate it,
The mermaid still reigns supreme; due to its silken complexioned skin; the vivaciousness incorporated in its body.

Although it lies obfuscated behind the fortress of lanky mountains; the colossal shadows trying to wholesomely submerge it,
The sun still reigns supreme; due to its blistering rays; the overwhelming tenacity in its shine able to dazzle every nook and cranny of the earth.

Although it lies incarcerated in cloistered space; a slimy shell sequestering it completely from the outside world,
The pearl still reigns supreme; due to its unrelenting capacity to glow; inundate the life of whosoever who purchases it with an inevitable sparkle.

Although it sprouts from primordial wild clay; with fetid puddles of slush sprawled abundantly around,
The button mushroom still reigns supreme; due to its delectably appeasing silhouette; the exultation it generates when squelched between pair of teeth.

Although it gushes past a plethora of belligerent barricades; jagged rocks hindering its progress at every juncture possible,
The white water mountain stream still reigns supreme; due to its tingling noise; the reinvigorating feeling it imparts when drunk with cupped hands.

Although it lies imprisoned in dungeons of doom; ghastly waves of air striking
it each minute unveiling,
The biscuit of gold still reigns supreme; due to the perpetual glow emanating from its persona; its uncanny ability to overpower all commodities existing.

And although he existed in a world besieged with corruption; blood sucking individuals trying to massacre civilization,
The angel still reigned supreme; due to an impeccable aura engulfing his demeanor; the unprecedented faith he had in his mother; his beloved; and the Almighty who had created him.


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