Stone Pillow

I took irregular pieces of threadbare stone,
painted them with vibrant flashes of crimson red,
chiseled them to look like porous stone idol,
cut them with an iron knife into multiple fragments,
dipped them in steaming acid to divest them of natural shine,
soaked them in chocolate curry, rendering them a breeding ground for insect,
baked them in an oven transforming them into roasted potato,
mixed them with spicy pickle charging them with tinges of spice,
hurled them at window panes shattering glass into infinite molecules of glass,
polished them with golden emery till they shone as crystal diamond,
lay them at random on wet mud surface to act as a tar road,
diffused them with electric machine into a heap of fine powder charcoal,
blended them with sandalwood paste to yield heavenly aroma in the day,
stacked them in coarse bags of denim ready to be dispatched in foreign land,
used them as beads of playing marble colliding with soft thuds,
melted them in boiling gas flame forming light grey tonic sticky in complexion.

the night was engulfed with chilly currents of wind,
soft portions of my neck stabbed me like a thousand needles,
intimate portions of scalp demanded adequate backrest,
that was exactly when vital brain waves struck me,
i crushed all the stone piece into a solitary slab,
covered it with rich dunlop cushion foam,
slept like a prince all night and sunlit day,
on my very own & innovative stone pillow


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