Stop Killing Animals

They were wholesomely innocent; not entangled in any
discrepancy of spurious religion whatsoever,

They didn’t need any wealth to live; harmlessly
replenishing their innocuous stomachs; with Nature’s
bountiful endowment,

They hadn’t a single cloth on their heavenly bodies;
yet handsomely managed their survival; without
infiltrating the slightest into your conventional society,

They safeguarded your possessions like an invincible
fortress; while you slept in the untamed luxury of
opulent wine and seductive vixen,

They were bereft of a name; yet attended to the most
infinitesimal of your command; by whatever prefix;
that you chose to call them,

They gave the most exhilarating rides to your children
on their bare backs; at times wincing tumultuously
under the pain; while your kin had the time of their lives,

They galloped like a profusely embellished prince
through the spiraling hills; timidly retreating back
as the Sun transcended beyond the ethereal horizons,

They harbored a festoon of poignant empathy in their
eyes; feeling devastatingly distraught as man killed
man; for power,

They frolicked playfully under the enchanting moon;
cuddling their young ones securely to their womb,

They had an astounding prowess of smell; at times
wholesomely depending upon it to find their way; as
their sight blinded in the most tenaciously brilliant
of sunshine,

They splashed every dawn under rejuvenating waterfalls
of the mountains; yielding you frosty milk for your
appetizing breakfast,

They imitated you at sporadic occasions; triggering
you to have the most wholehearted laugh of your lives,

They wagged their tails in ecstatic jubilation witnessing the revered grace of their master; irrespective of the fact that he belted out his frustration of the day; ruthlessly on their nimble hindsides,

They were complete oblivious to vicious circles of
hatred; lies; lecherous ambition; confronted each
moment of life as it came; with ardent simplicity in
their bodies,

They soared like a king amidst the celestial clouds;
rendering you their salubrious eggs; even before they
had hatched,

They had not the slightest of moral education; yet
sacrificed their lives for their soldiers; in the
acrimonious battlefield of war,

And they had a heart more passionately throbbing than
their human counterparts; weeping and profoundly
lamenting the loss of their loved ones,

They were barbarically called; Chickens, Pigs, Dogs,
Cats, Cows, Birds, Monsters, Wolves, Rabbits; Mice;
Ants and Frogs,

With people cutting; roasting; slaughtering;
strangulating; consuming; them for their daily meals;
as they still showered their blessings to all living

Therefore it is my plea to all you humans out there;
don’t give them any status in your monotonous society;
but at least can you stop killing animals.


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