Success is not just; placing the roof of Everest directly into your palms,
Infact it lies in conquering the same; with untamed exhilaration in your bones; with a spirit of profuse thrill lingering all over your twinkling countenance.

Success is not just; blessing you with an ocean of gold; as you woke up from the
heart of deep sleep,
Infact it lies in assiduously persevering your way to it; with an unrelenting desire to be triumphant at every stage.

Success is not just; placing a platter of tantalizing food before you; even as you nimbly uttered “F”, Infact it lies in ploughing soil under the acrimonious Sun; poignantly perspiring to sow and harness the marvelous fruits of a dynamically vibrant tomorrow.

Success is not just; gifting you the key to the most grandiloquent castle in this colossal Universe,
Infact it lies in constructing it brick by brick; blending your blood in its impregnable walls; to reside in it; for infinite more births of yours yet to come.

Success is not just; endowing you with all stupendous beauty; which incessantly titillates and mesmerizes this planet,
Infact it lies in dedicating countless lifetimes in savoring its charm; devoting yourself mind; body and soul to relish each of its exotically ravishing forms.

Success is not just; uttering an i Love you; to every beautiful damsel you encountered on the trajectory of this earth,
Infact it lies in tirelessly proving yourself to it; burning like a thousand candles every instant; to see your partner blossom into; the fragrant flower of bountiful prosperity.

Success is not just; deluging you from all sides with gigantic textbooks of sagacious truth; even as you walked in a land of foolhardy cowardice,
Infact it lies in disseminating its irrefutably sacrosanct essence; spreading its Omnipotent light to the most remotest iota of this mammoth globe.

Success is not just; making you the strongest entity breathing in this world; even as you yawned languidly towards the dreary moon,
Infact it lies in invincible conviction engulfing your visage; the uninhibited catharsis of your heart and body; which made your tiny bodied caricature; the most immortal organism alive.

And success is not just; showering upon you a boundless births; even as you compulsively lived each moment of your worthless life,
Infact it lies in audaciously plunging into the valley of exuberant adventure; victoriously emerging from the deepest of coffins; saluting and embracing existence;
as the ultimate of its kind.


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