Such A Man Was I

A man of no formality; unstoppably abhorring all those who spun webs of sanctimoniously derogatory prejudice; on every step that they traversed,

A man of who insuperably believed that every religion was alike; blending each ingredient of my blood forever and ever and ever with the religion of priceless humanity,

A man who considered that every one of us alive was the greatest criminal; as we trampled countless insects and micro organisms as we breathed and walked; because every form of life for the Creator was symbiotically alike,

A man who liked to perpetually oppose tyrannically chauvinistic convention;
uninhibitedly liberate ever pore of his body with the winds of vivaciously
panoramic nature,

A man who felt that procreation should be to the most unprecedented limits
between organisms and without the tiniest of restraint; timelessly proliferating the Lord’s sacredly Omnipotent chapter of creation,

A man who felt that every organism irrespective of caste; creed and status; was the most inimitably beautiful and ecstatically talented artist alive,

A man who felt that it made no difference whether you slept all day; or snored in the night; as the Almighty Creator had chiseled every unfurling instant of life
celestially alike,

A man who paid two cents for maliciously decrepit superstition; unflinchingly believing that timeless perseverance and benign hard work; were the only mantras to gloriously triumphant success,

A man who immutably wanted to assassinate all those diabolical men; who sold
their mothers and sisters in order to worthlessly rejoice in parsimonious cuplets of tawdry wine,

A man who felt that the power of true friendship; was a power transcending even the greatest of contemporary superpowers on the trajectory of this unbelievably untiring Universe,

A man who irrefutably believed that if there was a singular elixir to rhapsodically triumph in life; then it was none other than sensuously Spell binding fantasy,

A man who perpetually wanted to shed every ounce of inhibition; parade wholesomely naked with the magnetically inscrutable leaves and animals; in
the uncannily exuberant jungles,

A man who indefatigably believed that artists were not mechanically moulded
from textbooks; but were born Omnipotently eclectic and blessed; right from
the womb of their godly mother,

A man who wanted to trounce the salaciously profane devil from its very non-existent roots forever and ever and ever; even though it meant an infinite scorpions of hell burying him deeper into his grave; by the unleashing second,

A man who unshakably believed that children are the ultimate messengers of
God; although the rest of the world profusely worshipped currency note and corporate concrete,

A man who emptied even the last ingredient of his blood to altruistically serve estranged humanity; even though he himself was one of those horribly slavering and emaciated on the threadbarely impoverished streets,

A man who became immune to even the most ghastliest of pain; if it ever dared become an irascible hindrance in the peerlessly unconquerable path
towards majestically undefeatable truth,

A man who profoundly preferred to eat in the bowl of the penuriously decaying leper; rather than licking the dishes of the abjectly corrupt politician; just for assimilating stinking wads of frivolous notes,

A man who inexhaustibly believed that the greatest education for any organism holistically breathing; was to imbibe the principles of insuperably compassionate living kind,

A man who ardently anticipated every new unveiling moment; with the freshness of a newborn child; perceiving even the tiniest millisecond of life to be the ultimate paradise,

A man who wanted to cavort every instant of his life in the cradle of vividly enamoring nature and wildlife; timelessly watching the environment spawn into effulgent greenness; unfathomable distances away from the vagaries of the flagrantly blood-sucking planet outside,

A man who unendingly wanted to metamorphose even the most ethereal trace of
maniacal depression; into the mists of fantastically philanthropic and selflessly bestowing brotherhood,
A man who unnervingly believed that even sky gazing was an unparalleled art;
specially in today’s times when the unsparingly treacherous world; dreamt boisterous business even in deep sleep,

A man who eternally believed that God was one; God was every form of invincibly divine goodness; when the planet had ruthlessly named him in different forms and shapes; unceasingly trying to prove that their individual beliefs and idols were infinite shades above the rest,

A man who considered life and death to be blessedly equal; as both were wonderfully egalitarian gifts from the Ominisciently Almighty Lord; as every form in which he’d instilled breath; had to oneday inevitably die,

A man who melted more pathetically than the abstemious candle; at the slightest tear drop that humanity suffered; inconsolably weeping at the sight of living kind being disastrously lambasted; by disdainful powerhouses of wealth,

A man who could as easily fall in love as the vespered wind; but then immortally dedicate each beat of his heart to her magically venerated grace; even fathomless centuries after existence had completely diminished,

A man who brusquely massacred even the most impregnable of blood relation;
if it came in between his way of perpetually coalescing with every fraternity of unbreakable humanity,

A man who breathed an infinite resplendent lives and an infinite traumatic deaths only for unassailably heavenly poetry; whilst the planet was extraordinarily busy building edifices of commercial currency coin; outside,

O! Yes; I might sound esoterically different; I might sound wildly uncivilized; I might sound eccentrically delirious; I might sound as if walking preposterously upside down; I might sound as if quaintly existing centuries even before the earth was evolved; but believe it or not; such a man was i.


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