Thanking The Creator

If i lost a leg in vagaries of disdainful war,
i would limp for the remainder of my disillusioning life,
thanking the Creator for having blessed me with a twin pair of sturdy feet.

if my persona was brusquely submerged in gruesome darkness,
dazzling light of the sun seemed as smudged outlines of molten ice-cream,
i would thank the creator for bestowing upon me the hind sight of hearing.

if daintily painted coats of my nail got severely punctured,
the skin peeling off with droplets of pure blood,
i would thank god for embedding hollow sockets of my arm with iron hands
jutting out.

if infinite hair on my scalp tumbled down in lackluster unison,
rendering my head resembling a barren ocean; bereft of goldfish,
i would thank the almighty for endowing me with the power to regenerate.

if i sporadically lost the gift of eloquent speech,
incorrigibly failing in my attempts to utter the faintest of sound,
i would heartily thank god for showering me with the gift of effusive expression.

if my heartbeats temporarily deserted me at midnight,
my face contorting spasmodically gripped with the onset of deathly paralysis,
i would convey my thanks to the creator; for atleast sparing my life.

and if my beloved departed tragically for her expedition to heaven,
relinquishing me alone in a world of abhorrence and corruption,
with nostalgic memories of the times we laughed,
broke down into tears at the slightest of provocation,
i would still thank the almighty for the time he kept her,
for me to obsessively admire; on this earth.


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