The Arrow Of Love

When an arrow of barbaric iron struck me on my chest; rivulets of blood trickled down rampantly,
Soft portions of flesh were brutally invaded; and I emitted loud screams of anguish under my vanishing breath.

When an arrow of glittering gold struck me perilously close to my ribs; I
initially felt elated at witnessing the opulence embedded,
However after a while the beats of my heart reduced dramatically; and
An uncanny numbness seemed to be encompassing my persona.

When an arrow of acrimonious thorns struck me in my eye; I felt a
sudden gush of blindness encroach upon my silhouette,
The world now seemed an obfuscated blur of its original self; and I now
sighted the dazzling sun in the sky as gruesomely black.

When an arrow of piquant chili struck me in the center of my nostrils;
I experienced fuming sensations engulf my breath,
Eloped as fast as my skinny legs could carry me; to dip my burnt skin in revitalizing water.

When an arrow of obnoxious tobacco struck me on my lips; the derogatory
odor made me inevitably cough,
Some of the derogatory powder had also entered my intricate intestines;
and I vomited out the poisonous extract with my inebriated eyes feebly
closing down.

When an arrow of resplendent silver struck me in my legs; I at the
onset appreciated the gleam and accentuated shine,
Although after a few seconds had elapsed; collapsed in a bedraggled
heap on the stony floor; unable to bear the tyranny anymore.

When an arrow of pointed glass struck me in my face; indiscriminately
permeating through my cheek,
I felt as if stabbed by millions of scorpion tails; lost holistic consciousness instantaneously succumbing to the mighty onslaught.

When an arrow of golden honey struck me on my rotund stomach; this time
I felt no pain not even the slightest of discomfort,
However with rising of the next dawn; a conglomerate of parasites and
leech had camouflaged my skin from the world; greedily sucking the nectar as
well as long pieces of my bone.

When an arrow of charred wood struck me in my shoulder; it mercilessly
ripped apart the protruding muscle,
Made sooty indentations on my sparkling complexion; sapping away
exuberant sources of energy from my demeanor.

And eventually when the ‘ARROW OF LOVE’ struck me in the middle of my
forehead; I felt mystical sensations inundate my soul,
There was a revolutionary stirring which occurred in my heart; making me completely forgetful to the heaps of tribulation I had suffered just minutes before,
Drowning me into an ocean of celestial harmony; a land where there existed nothing else but an insatiable spirit to romantically exist and care.


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