The Best Lover

Your eyes made me the best poet in this Universe; penning down unsurpassable lines of mystical verse; profoundly lost in the tunnel of their majestic enchantment,

Your cheeks made me the best artist in this Universe; sketching the mesmerizing outlines of your shadow as you royally walked,

Your hair made me the best dancer in this Universe; gyrating enigmatically under the milky moon as they swished; drowning myself profusely in the exuberant energy that radiated from their countenance,

Your eyelashes made me the best sculptor in this Universe; molding ingratiating magic out of threadbare bits of clay; capturing the beauty of the wind in my
myriad of vivacious shapes,

Your lips made me the best musician on this Universe; diffusing an incomprehensible battalion of melodious tunes; wholesomely drifting with the divinely aura
lingering around your demeanor,

Your scent made me the best Doctor on this Universe; efficaciously treating the most heinous of disease with nonchalant ease; instilling in me insurmountable fortitude to rise upto every occasion of life,

Your fingers made me the best magician on this Universe; as I cast my astounding spell on every entity who encountered me in my way; tumultuously inspired by your magnetic senses,

Your palms made me the best astrologer on this Universe; prognosticating the most inconspicuous of disaster likely to happen; remembering the rhapsodically tinkling sound of your footsteps,

Your leap made me the best athlete in this Universe; exploring every corner of the planet; with untamed euphoria engulfing the most remotest corner of my dreary bones,

Your speech made the best philosopher in this Universe; advocating the most sacrosanct ideologies of humanity; blending with the uninhibited philanthropism
which flowed handsomely from your visage,

Your tenacity made me the best devotee in this Universe; supremely realizing the irrefutably invincible results of conviction in the inner self,

Your charisma made me the best achiever on this Universe; rising from a traumatized mountain of ashes; each time I tripped like a pack of devastated cards on obdurate ground,

Your soul made the best scholar on this Universe; disseminating all that I had imbibed since the first cry of nascent birth; to the most obsoletely neglected parts
of this colossal earth,

Your stride made me the best conqueror on this Universe; marching unrelentingly with an unflinching glimmer in my eyes; to keep escalating even after the absolute summit of success,

Your spirit of unity made me the best humanitarian on this Universe; embracing even the most alien around me; as my revered garland of brothers and sisters,

Your smile made me the best optimist on this Universe; incinerating a sky of dazzling light; in the midst of satanically savage and despairing darkness,

Your conscience made me the most truthful being on this Universe; relinquishing the tiniest trace of evil; drifting into a paradise of impeccable righteousness,

Your breath made me the best person existing alive on this Universe; having the astronomical resilience to take birth an infinite times; till the time I metamorphosed my dreams as well as those of my mates; into an immortal reality,

And your heart made me the best lover on this Universe; bonding with the threads of perpetual belonging; riding and sharing the wave of ebulliently swirling passion; in every form; that I took birth again and again and again.


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