The Best Ride

When I took a ride in the aircraft flying at unprecedented heights; I initially felt besieged by waves of tumultuous exhilaration,
I was immensely enjoying my expedition; when suddenly the plane nose-dived towards the ground; and I found myself pulverized to splinters; along with the plush upholstery.

When I took a ride in the submarine transgressing through fathomless depths of seawater; there was an overwhelming feeling of conquering the aquatic world; that circumvented my persona,
However after a while I felt uneasy envisaging the exorbitant rates that I had paid for the journey; also a trifle harried at witnessing minuscule droplets of water leaking through its body

When I took a ride in the swanky car; dictating a volley of orders to the meticulously dressed chauffeur; I felt like an uncrowned king,
Although infinite strands of hair stood up in poignant alacrity; a river of sweat descended down my cheek; when he acrimoniously retorted back compressing the accelerator to full angularity; and the automobile sky rocketed into the menacing rocks.

When I took a ride on a donkey; the innocuous creature unflinchingly compromised to my bulky weight,
But my felicity wasn’t to last for long; as after a while it violently tossed me high in the air; eventually toppling me on the ground to make me lick disdainful mud from my face.

When I took a ride in the city bus; I felt insurmountably secure while at the same time paying inconspicuous rates for the travel,
However after a few minutes the atmosphere became thoroughly claustrophobic; and there was an incessant pandemonium of unruly voices drifting in my ears.

When I took a ride sitting on the mammoth elephant; profoundly admiring the panoramic view that unleashed itself while trespassing through the dense forests; I felt stabbed by an ocean of wild rhapsody,
Although after a while when the beast got exhausted; it petulantly sprayed a fountain of water on my face; hoisting the same from the monsoon river.

When I took a ride on a primordial bicycle; in the beginning I felt spurts of robust enthusiasm rise high in my blood,
However after unrelentingly pedaling in the sun; my feet got immensely dreary and I collapsed in a bedraggled heap on the earth.

When I took a ride in the gigantic and revolving Ferris wheel; I perceived the entire world as a dancing fairy,
Although as time elapsed my head started to inevitably feel heavy; my eyes looked supremely bleary; and there were irascible sensations to puke out what I had just eaten for supper.

When I took a ride on the preposterously huge whale; clinging tightly to its magnificent back; I felt stupendous freshness of the ocean winds inundate my nostrils,
I also conceived of being in paradise; with the terrestrial planet being several miles from my sight; however my ecstasy was short lived as the fish got ravenous after a few moments and devoured me like a mosquito.

And I have now no inhibitions in divulging that the best ride; I ever had in my life was when I was a unscrupulous child tightly straddled to the back of my mother,
Relishing the perennial warmth of her effeminate scent; the stringent admonitions she gave me for not consuming my morning milk; and the magical caress of her hands through thin wisps of newly formed hair


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