The Best Way To Tackle Life

The best way to tackle depression; was to start running rampantly; with the moonlight to guide you wherever you went,

The best way to tackle dreariness; was to splash your eyes infinite times with sea water; let the rejuvenating spray take complete control of your agonized nerves,

The best way to tackle fear; was to stare unrelentingly into the eyes of the devil; without flinching the slightest,

The best way to tackle pimples cropping up on the skin; was to scrub your face thoroughly with fresh riverside mud; commence work as soon as possible; leaving the rest upon time to heal,

The best way to tackle hysterical sorrow; was to laugh uncontrollably as if nothing happened; blend yourself wholesomely with the pragmatic present,

The best way to tackle boredom; was to frantically whistle any tune that struck your mind; stringently piercing the silence of the night,

The best way to tackle shyness and reservations; was to take a stroll every morning on the 200th floor of the building; letting the pugnacious rays of the sun; sizzling every pore of your petrified skin,

The best way to tackle a financial crisis; was presuming yourself to be the richest man in your fantasy; continuing to work with all that you were endowed with; to irrefutably succeed,

The best way to tackle the boss’s insults and plethora of rebukes; was to pay heed to them with one ear; and let them pass away like non-existent wisps of smoke from the other,

The best way to tackle the hideous looking burglar, was to welcome him with a glass of chilled coke and smiles; depicting to him that you weren’t a trifle perturbed by his vicious onslaught into the house,

The best way to tackle a sore throat; was to sing at the top of your lungs any tune that struck your heart; drowning yourself completely in the rhapsody of the sound; thereby converting your affliction into a beautiful asset,

The best way to tackle a stream of negativity lingering inevitably in your mind; was to resolutely iterate that you were going to win; the first thing as you woke up at the blossoming of dawn,
The best way to tackle the incessant stammering you did in front of your beloved; was to stand tall to your full height; hold back your breath for long seconds of time; before you audaciously blurted out ‘I love you’; with fire blazing in your eyes,

The best way to tackle the stormy sea; was to swim against the choppy waves with insurmountable fervor; greet each swirl of water as it rose with a yell catapulting you to victory,

The best way to tackle your tears from oozing every second; was to resiliently drink them clenching your teeth; as soon as they arose,

The best way to tackle the uncouth world; was to be least affected by the lecherous society; keep surging ahead relentlessly; till the last iota of your mission was accomplished,

The best way to tackle the wildly swishing cricket ball; was to whip it left, right and center; with swashbuckling strokes of your bat,

The best way to tackle pain; was to turn a blind eye to it whenever it happened; considering yourself unsurpassably lucky in comparison to those who had already died,

The best way to tackle your urge to keep living immortally; was to realize that there wasn’t a single household in the entire universe; with all its members breathing alive,
And the best way to tackle life; was to execute your daily tasks to the pinnacle of your ability; help as many people as you encountered on the streets in some way or the other; and then leave the rest to the Almighty Creator.


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