The Biscuit Of Love

When I consumed a fat biscuit of mud; trying to masticate it fervently with my
angular teeth,
I simply failed to succeed; the mud impregnated a bitter taste in my mouth;
and I inevitably puked out the curry with anguished sighs and gasps.

When I devoured a biscuit of stone; gulping It down with a glassful of mineral
My stomach felt a trifle uneasy trying hard to accept this alien food; and it
finally came out intact and composite; a few hours after I painstakingly
expurgated my bowels.

When I chewed a biscuit of royal gold; endeavoring to soften it with the slimy
layer of my saliva,
Horrendous feelings of wasting currency engulfed my mind; and I immediately
spewed out the biscuit; trying to retain its natural contour and shine.

When I ate a rotund biscuit of condensed chocolate; replete with bountiful
fillings of sweet candy,
I felt good in the beginning; but my felicity soon transited into dismay; when
the blood report indicated that I had astronomically high levels of sugar.

When I tasted a piquant biscuit of green chili; blended commensurately with
garlic powder,
I rampantly screamed as if stabbed by a thousand burnt needles; scampered like
never before to the nearest source of portable water.

When I put a biscuit of almond soap in my mouth; there was gargantuan froth
produced as a manifestation,
Infinite bubbles elastic in texture now emanated whenever I opened my mouth;
and there was an insurmountable urge in my persona to thoroughly cleanse my

When I languidly placed a biscuit of frozen snow in my mouth; the complexion
of my face transformed to a scarlet crimson,
Unfathomable clusters of taste died there itself; and I felt gruesome shivers
cascading down my spine.

When I attempted to gnaw at a biscuit of rusty iron; there was tumultuous
force exerted on my teeth,
They finally buckled under the intractable pressure; leaving rivulets of
sticky blood oozing from my lips.

When I feverishly tried to eat a biscuit of compressed honey; there was an
infectious sweetness that enveloped my mouth,
But when I got up in the morning after a contended nights sleep; there was a
battalion of red ant crawling all over; inserting their tiny pincers in my flesh.

And eventually when I consumed the biscuit of love; which was stitched
meticulously by her; with threads of our perpetual love,
My body felt profoundly rejuvenated; all the dreariness seemed to have
evaporated into thin air; and it was now that I felt that I was invincible;
beyond the inexplicable limits of this world.


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