The Bride

Shielding her eyes like a new born infant; with traditional tinges of profuse mascara embellishing her tantalizing eyelashes,

Pursing her voluptuously sculptured lips to the most unprecedented limits; beads of silver perspiration dribbling down her innocuous cheeks,

Admiring her persona profoundly; intermittently glimpsing at the mirror; which glowed all the more with her mesmerizing countenance,

Humming mystically to herself; as she restlessly tossed on the grandiloquent carpet of moist grass,

Shivering in inexplicable excitement; like the dainty globules of snow melting in poignant harmony under the dazzling Sun,

Exuberantly inhaling the scent of the gorgeously blossoming flowers; drowning herself into the heavenly fragrance that emanated; till centuries immemorial,

Giggling uncontrollably at the tiniest provocation by her friends; thoroughly astounded by her incredulously tinkling laughter resonating countless times after
colliding with the walls,

Spending fathomless hours in front of her ostentatious vanity glass; adorning each part of her vivacious body; with a festoon of royally shimmering pearls,

Blushing to unfathomable limits with the ebulliently gushing breeze; chasing gaudily striped butterflies with a tenacity befitting the timeless angels,

Fidgeting with her nails in tumultuous rhapsody; an inferno of insatiable passion dancing ardently in her eyes,

Fantasizing beyond pragmatic boundaries of comprehension; philandering with the stupendously singing fairies high beyond realms of the sky,

Basking in the pearly magnificence of the midnight moon; with her hands entwined in an insurmountably compassionate stranglehold,

Whistling in inexorable ecstasy at the birds perched on the trees; tracing the intricate lines of her palms with her enchantingly glistening index finger,

Nostalgically reminiscing those moments when she first cried in the lap of her mother; and the stage now when she was about to become one,
Trespassing barefoot on the paths freshly blended with rain; with the unbelievably seductive sound of her golden anklets rousing every entity on this Universe; from the heart of deep sleep,

Indefatigably feeling higher than the sapphire ocean of clouds; although she transgressed in the fullest of her senses on bare bits of loose soil,

Intransigently wishing for time to come to an abrupt standstill; with her astronomically ravishing beauty taking complete control of the mundane atmosphere,

Awaiting with fervent anticipation for the immortally sacred marriage ceremony to unveil; bonding her forever with the mate of her every dream,

She prayed tirelessly to the Creator; to bestow every day of her life like this one; when she majestically crowned herself and proudly proclaimed to all listening; that she
was indeed the BRIDE.


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