The Cavity Was Purely Mine

Each building had boundless floors; but for me the best floor was the floor on which she resided; danced in tireless exuberance and untamed passion every unfurling hour,

Each city had boundless roads; but for me the best road was the one on which she trespassed; purifying the soil on which she tread with her sacrosanct footsteps,

Each garden had boundless roses; but for me the best rose was the one she caressed; left her exotic perfume lingering mystically upon its enchanting persona,

Each tree had boundless branches; but for me the best branch was the one on which she sat; imparting it her compassionate warmth and stupendously charismatic grace,

Each dictionary had boundless words; but for me the best word was the one she uttered; explicitly pronounced it with majestic authority,

Each cloud in the cosmos showered boundless droplets of rain; but for me the best droplet was the one that drenched her completely; made her look even more
voluptuous in the creamy shine of the moonlit night,

Each kite had boundless strings; but for me the best string was the one which she adroitly pulled; fomenting the canvas to escalate with handsome supremacy in the boisterous packet of fervent air,

Each day had boundless minutes; but for me the best minute was the one in which she smiled; profoundly illuminated the abysmally dreary atmosphere with the
rhapsody circulating in her countenance,

Each light had boundless rays; but for me the best ray was the one which fell on her gorgeously hazel eyes; providing my miserably defeated body with the inevitable rejuvenation and tenacity it badly wanted,

Each mountain had boundless slopes; but for me the best slope was the one on which she ebulliently wandered; metamorphosing its barren demeanor into one
with fecund and bountiful fertility,

Each bank had boundless notes; but for me the best note was the one which she hoisted; granting it the magical prowess of proliferating at electric speeds on
its very own,

Each river had boundless streams; but for me the best stream was the one in which she bathed; sending uncontrollable shivers down my spine when I sighted
her tantalizingly ravishing hair,
Each cactus had boundless thorns; but for me the best thorn was the one she inadvertently pricked; as I got an infinitesimally minuscule chance; the supreme
privilege of bonding with her droplet of poignantly crimson blood,

Each train had boundless windows; but for me the best window was the one in which she sighted her royal reflection; gave a new definition to beauty as she uninhibitedly admired the fabulously fleeting scenery,

Each hand had boundless lines; but for me the best line was the one she traced; deciphered its deeply enigmatic meaning; the bearing it would have on future

Each rainbow had boundless shades; but for me the best shade was the one which she adored; bounced with unprecedented jubilation as it pilfered in through her
pellucid bedroom glass,

Each school had boundless children; but for me the best child was the one she lifted in her egalitarian arms; deluging its innocuous ears with tales of mystical mankind,

Each skin had boundless hair; but for me the best hair was the one she ardently stroked; triggering a catharsis of fiery emotions to naturally emit out,

Each showroom had boundless clothes; but foe me the best fabric was the one she wore on her superlatively impeccable body; the one which diffused her mesmerizing fragrance for centuries unsurpassable,

And each heart had boundless cavities; but for me the best cavity was the one which immortally incarcerated her love; and as a matter of fact I was irrefutably proud to state that in this case; the cavity belonged only to me; the cavity was purely mine.


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