The Common Factor

I was as hot as blistering fire; while she was stoical as placid ice,

I was ready to plunge into the unfathomably deep gorge; while she preferred to lie down in contentment on the silken mattress,

I was crimson red in anger when provoked; while she maintained a moon white complexion even when tormented to bizarre limits,

I was thirsty every unfurling second; while she was abstemious; able to sustain a marathon period on bland chunks of bread and water,

I was bubbling with tumultuous exhilaration to clamber Mount Everest; while she sat cross-legged on the floor; passive and unperturbed,

I was incessantly fantasizing about enigmatic tunes prevailing under the deep sea; while she preferred to brood in perpetual solitude,

I was floating high and handsome in the cotton wool of clouds; while she was more inclined towards browsing through books of commercial finance,

I was inevitably fidgeting about dismantling intricate bells in vicinity; while she languished in the same position for days; without causing the slightest ruffle on the pillow she caressed,

I was tearing food with exuberant gusto; pulverizing succulent grapes into fine juice with my teeth, while she inhaled the aroma of wine for infinite minutes; before eventually savoring it down her throat,

I was passionately dying to bathe in the rain; while she was abhorrent to the most minuscule sound of thunder; relishing the safety of the shower instead; with a plastic cap engulfing her head,

I was driven by waves of impetuousness every dawn; marching at electric speeds in my quest to conquer the planet, while she woke up after the world had arisen; suckling warm tea in the camouflage of her flocculent sheepskin,

I was chucking at every mosquito trying to infiltrate into my blissful eardrum; while she let them feast on her tantalizing blood; shrugging them off phlegmatically every once in a while,

I was busy contemplating about every individual I encountered; trying to decode through vagaries of his mind, while she sat like an impeccable sheep in front of strangers; more intent on appeasing him than unveiling the cadence of his voice,

I was ardently waiting to capsize upon every opportunity; to consolidate it into a veritable reality; while she let the weeks slip into fortnights; relying overwhelmingly on destiny to deliver,

I was stupendously confident in my abilities to tackle any barricade that confronted me in my way; while she was too meek to envisage as well as bear the slightest of difficulty,

I was burning in the aisles of desire as every draught of wet wind blew past my silhouette, while she let seasons come and go; refrained from igniting the sparks of romance between our entities,

I was philandering in the playground of fun; mischievously intermingling with the children playing on mushy grass; while she knelt stern and tight-lipped on the couch; scoffing disdainfully at the unruly noises made by our child,

I was always found transgressing the roads with wild curls of my hair blowing in tandem with the wind; while she drained the shampoo to the last drop; vigorously sorting the most infinitesimal of knot in her hair,

We were different in almost every thing we did; perhaps perceived all situations circumventing our bodies wholesomely antagonistic; but at the end of the day the common factor was; that we still loved each other; prayed unrelentingly to the creator to give us the power; of relinquishing our breaths together.


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