The Day

The day the carpet of voluptuous grass; stung like a million acrimonious thorns,

The day the conglomerate of mesmerizing clouds; showered mud instead of grandiloquent rain,

The day the majestic waves in the ocean; blossomed into sickening sugar instead of tangy globules of pungent salty froth,

The day the crystalline islands of eye; oozed satanic blood instead of poignant waterfall of tears,

The day the fiery Sun in the sky; shrunk into a cloud of darkness; instead of emanating brilliantly shimmering light,

The day the astronomical summit of the mountain; metamorphosed into an inconspicuous ant; instead of kissing the royally glowing moon,

The day the princely eagles; commenced to walk like ordinary man; instead of soaring handsomely through the cocoon of satiny clouds,

The day the festoon of exotic leaves; incorrigibly stuck to their origin; instead of exuberantly whistling with the astoundingly enchanting wind,

The day the incredulously captivating rose; remained profusely lackluster; instead of diffusing its marvelous fragrance to every cranny of the atmosphere,

The day the ingratiatingly striped frogs; slept in domains of gloomy tranquility; instead of croaking their hearts out under ferocious cloudbursts of heavenly rain,

The day the timelessly ticking clock; started to move backwards; instead of galloping forward with traces of new found life,

The day the vivacious rainbow in the sky; remained colorless; instead of culminating into a magnificent paradise of color and ravishing charisma,

The day the shade of poignantly crimson blood; started to differ; instead of being immortally same for all tribes on this planet,

The day the rambunctiously buzzing beehives; started to produce belligerent scorpions; instead of a sacrosanct stream of golden honey,

The day the magnanimous nightingale; blurted hoarse tunes of disdainful cacophony; instead of deluging the atmosphere with its melodiously everlasting songs,

The day the golden eyed owl; remained awake all day; instead of guarding its compatriots in the heart of the chilling night,

The day the essence of invincible truth; crumbled like infinitesimal ash towards the ground; instead of conquering the mightiest with the blessings of Almighty Creator,

The day the inevitable reservoir of breath in body; commanded a person to gruesomely die; instead of propelling him to bounce forward to relish every moment of enigmatically unveiling life,

The day the passionately palpitating heart; taught two lovers to cheat; instead of bonding for times immemorial in the threads of unconquerable romance,

That very day; that very hour; that very minute; I was ready to sacrifice everything of mine on this planet; go and perennially rest in the arms of my Creator; even if the devil that day wanted to bestow me with infinite more lives.


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