The Dress In Pure And Powerful Black

The dress to unsurpassably thrill her; lift her to infinite altitude from her nimble feet; as she was plaintively traversing through bland patches of erratically cut green grass,

The dress to uncannily excite her; metamorphose even the most disparagingly infertile of her moods; into a eternally ardent and royal proliferation,

The dress to timelessly enchant her; rouse even the most cadaverously limp follicle of hair on her skin; to beyond the epitome of Everest; in the revitalizing stillness of the atmosphere,

The dress to majestically silence her; quell even the most insouciant of her apprehensions; with the invincible magic of profound charisma and compassionate royalty,

The dress to perennially magnetize her; perpetuate even the most ephemerally fluttering of shadow; to follow and forever entwine with the essence of your personality,

The dress to inimitably impress her; tirelessly evoke the most inscrutable tingling in her flesh; an unstoppable yearning in her chest to embrace every quarter of your demeanor,

The dress to uncontrollably triumph her; attain perpetual victory over her silken countenance; as she nimbly surrendered even the most ethereal of her intimate senses to your unconquerably handsome swirl,

The dress to timelessly conquer her; leave an intransigent impression of your wondrously fervent personality; upon every globule of fiery sweat that dribbled down her ecstatic skin,

The dress to effortlessly liberate her; wholesomely emptying even the most disastrously maiming of her tensions into sheer nothingness; as she solely floated in the aisles of untamed desire,

The dress to inadvertently capture her; eventually gather complete control over even the most oblivious insinuations of her shadow; as she helplessly melted deeper and deeper into the blacks of your piercing eyes,

The dress to inexplicably provoke her; trigger the dormant labyrinths of creative energy entrapped in her spirit; to unlimitedly fulminate into an unceasing festoon of miraculous innovation,

The dress to undyingly fascinate her; foment her to fantasize beyond the realms of the mundane; and till the last cloud that hovered on the blissfully golden horizons,

The dress to unchallangably win her; infallibly draw even the most imperturbable part of her persona towards your undefeated masculinity; even in the most invisibly flickering of light,

The dress to pricelessly cast a spell on her; make her minutely feel even the most unexplored of your vibrant imagery; through heart-renderingly poignant telepathy,

The dress to reincarnate the artist in her; granting fresh life to the haplessly dead tombs of virility in her soul; as she unabashedly let nectar to slip from each pore of her body; and blend with every single ingredient of the atmosphere,

The dress to effulgently impregnate her; replenish every aspect of her drearily impoverished existence; with everything that was beautifully and merrily abounding on this uninhibited planet,

The dress to insuperably propose her; with a surety of nothing else but ‘yes’ rebounding back from the swish of her tongue; as majestically kissed the farthest finger of her queenly hands,

The dress to phlegmatically reborn her; inevitably make her rise from her languid corpse; unfathomably flustered by the sheer size and enigmatic shades of your larger than life personality,

Was. O! Yes undoubtedly was. The Dress in Pure and Powerful Black. In the Pure blackness of the voluptuously embellished and sensuously blessed night.


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