The First Cries

It was a moment which had blissfully bestowed all astounding beauty of this colossal Universe; in our diminutively impoverished laps,

It was a moment which impregnated such an exhilarating cheer to our cheeks; that we became wholesomely oblivious; to even the most infinitesimal definition of bizarre sadness,

It was a moment which perpetually annihilated even the tiniest iota of our guilt; inundating our frantically traumatized souls; with the marvelously ingratiating melody of the; enthralling atmosphere,

It was a moment which miraculously transformed the treacherously sullen contours of our defeated faces; into the blazingly triumphant fireball; of Omnipotent sunshine,

It was a moment which bountifully transpired the most eclectic artist from our bereaved bloodstreams; articulately molding us into an entrenchment of stupendously vivacious beauty and unparalleled charm,

It was a moment which blessed us with the Herculean tenacity; to smilingly confront; even the most acrimoniously vicious disaster; in inscrutable life,

It was a moment which brought back an ocean of unbelievable empathy in our manipulatively prejudiced eyes; eternally taught us to compassionately coalesce
with all resplendent mankind,

It was a moment which indefatigably triggered us to enchantingly sing and dance; exuberantly gyrate our nimble forms forever; under the voluptuously seductive
curtain of; milky midnight,

It was a moment which perpetuated us to wholeheartedly laugh; magnificently express the inner most of our feelings; to symbiotically exist as one for centuries

It was a moment which Omnisciently took away even the most horrifically remorseful of our grief; perennially enveloping us in the swirl of; divinely mesmerizing existence,

It was a moment which majestically swept us of our drearily tyrannized feet; to timelessly soar in the paradise of; ravishingly charismatic togetherness,

It was a moment which made us live each second to the most stupendously unprecedented limits; sagaciously realize the most exotically wonderful essence;
of gloriously Omnipresent life,

It was a moment which instilled in us an untamed spirit of unconquerable pride; a cloud of blissful contentment which even the greatest of God’s in the cosmos;
found hard to believe,

It was a moment which spell bindingly redefined every languidly insidious element of our miserable existence; fulfilling even the most evanescent of our wishes; with the heavenly replenishment of this entire planet,

It was a moment which transited us back into realms of our very own impeccable childhood; far away from the vagaries of this salaciously corrupt Universe; and
frolicking in the lap of our Mother to our absolute heart’s content,

It was a moment which regally transformed every tear from our despicably withering eye; into a priceless jewel of uncrowned glory; showering synergistic prosperity on every step that we transgressed,

It was a moment which fulminated the fire of irrefutable truth in our invidiously beleaguered conscience; tirelessly propelling us forward; to unite every scattered thread on this gigantic planet; in the light of celestial righteousness,

It was a moment which beautifully enshrouded us with unassailable whirlwinds of sensuously ecstatic breath; wholesomely disassociating us from the chapter
of lugubriously ghastly death,

And it was a moment which unequivocally made us the richest organisms on this Universe; ironically without a penny in our rudimentary pockets;

As the first cries of our freshly born daughter; embedded its godly impression in our joyous hearts; for infinite more births yet to come; and imparted us with the ardor to exist; forever and ever and ever.


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