The Flaming Sun

Red rays of sunlight peep through my window,
focusing a path of mystic beauty,
shimmering into a pool of darkness,
falling directly in my wide open eyes,
tracing a look of abstract fear,
absorbing flimsy shells of courage,
deserting me in a state of speechless exuberance.

the flaming sun i see,
resembles the door of a fresh heart,
throbbing with a mild intensity,
red and gracious in color,
filtering burdened pores of intricate mind,
for a renewal of liveliness,
and powerful glints of hope astride.

the blazing Sun behind me,
pats my back and says,
i want to come down, sit beside you my friend,
to enjoy this world from close quarters,
and lo! behold he is racing down,
his size has shrunken to a podded pea,
the world has turned upon him like a bee,
for if he comes down on earth,
who will give them courage and antiseptic light,
they would be left solitary on ground,
with dampness of humanity to surround.


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