The Garland Of Immortal Love

Not the slightest of apprehensions at all; basking in a land of gloriously flamboyant sunlight and wonderfully tantalizing imagery,

Not the slightest of cynicism at all; unequivocally marching forward in the melodiously blissful triumph of unfettered success,

Not the slightest of tears at all; smiling wholeheartedly as each instant of life unveiled;
whether in acrimoniously menacing storm; or whether in blissful valleys with grandiloquent moonshine bountifully pelting down,

Not the slightest of lechery at all; with every cloud of horrifically augmenting despair; automatically metamorphosing into a fountain of perennially blooming happiness,

Not the slightest of defeat at all; with unparalleled victory kissing you at every step you alighted; invincibly paving its way toward an unconquerable tomorrow; centuries immemorial,

Not the slightest of manipulation at all; uninhibitedly bouncing in a world of eternally
cascading richness; and tranquilly resplendent calm,

Not the slightest of desperation at all; perpetually relishing the unfathomably gorgeous reservoir; of natures magnificent sparkle; compassionately dancing
with the impeccably descending fairies,

Not the slightest of shame at all; congenially embracing and bonding with all religions; caste; creed on this planet; alike,

Not the slightest of hesitation at all; plunging like a majestically silken fairy; into an unsurpassably mystical valley; of endlessly exhilarating adventure,

Not the slightest of fanaticism at all; ubiquitously disseminating the immortal essence of peace and harmonious love; to the most remotest corner of this enthrallingly fathomless Universe,

Not the slightest of debilitation at all; with all Herculean power on this boundlessly Omnipotent planet; becoming your integral strength to face even the most
mightiest of inexplicable disaster,

Not the slightest of disease at all; indefatigably sprouting into a paradise of mesmerizing fantasy; and voluptuously seductive charm,

Not the slightest of nervousness at all; audaciously catapulting to the absolute zenith of prosperity; walking shoulder to shoulder with the winds of courage; fortitude and scintillating bravado,

Not the slightest of fracas at all; celestially flowering into the most stupendously divine world of overwhelming calm,

Not the slightest of dullness at all; unrelentingly spawning into a curtainspread of vibrantly vivacious perception; an insurmountably magical festoon of royal

Not the slightest of morbidity at all; perennially proliferating into a sky of everlasting youth as time thunderously unleashed; irrevocably ensuring that the sacrosanct essence of life; never had a chance to end,

Not the slightest of dumbness at all; relentlessly humming the most marvelously enlightening tunes on this colossal globe; evolving into heavenly rays of freedom and unprecedented optimism,

Not the slightest of hopelessness at all; forever gushing with the incomprehensibly untamed ebullience of existence; bestowing the winds of peace and priceless humanity; upon one and all,

And Not the slightest of discrimination at all; incarcerating every organism with a passionately throbbing heart; in the fabulously impregnable ocean of enigma and romantic passion,

Such was the garland of immortal love; which was the very reason that you were breathing alive today; and would continue to exist as the most blessed for
countless more births to come; everytime the Creator waved his little finger for you to be born once again.


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