The Goddess Of Love

You’ll find her in the frothy waves of the ocean; which fall and rise ebulliently with the most minuscule draught of wind,

You’ll find her in the silken conglomerate of pearly clouds; floating smoothly in the sky,

You’ll find her in the mesmerizing rose petals; having an evanescent coat
of scintillating dew drops,

You’ll find her in the vivaciously swirling trees; shedding their leaves sporadically with changing seasons,

You’ll find her in the fleet footed nimble rabbit; prowling innocuously around
the farm with its abnormally round eyes,

You’ll find her in the dazzling sunrays; which fall incessantly on the earth until murky dusk,

You’ll find her in the queenly peacock; spreading its feathers to a full blossom at the onset of torrential monsoons,

You’ll find her in the golden fish whistling adroitly through deep ocean waters; incorporating an army of incongruous bubbles in its path,

You’ll find her in the winged birds soaring high in the sky; chirping in animation at the unveiling of twilight,

You’ll find her in the shimmering spires of the historical monument; which glisten profoundly under natural light,

You’ll find her in the mystical reptile; slithering its way non-invasively through the marshy swamps,

You’ll find her in the flocculent buds of freshly born cotton; sprawled in incoherent heaps on the soil,

You’ll find her in the milky peninsula of moon; nestling in equanimity with
deleterious wisps of air,

You’ll find her in the rubicund complexioned radish; with nodules of ingratiating brown projecting in abundance,

You’ll find her in the viciously fluttering web of spider; having an intricate network
of finely intermingled threads,

You’ll find her in the boisterously bouncing frog; croaking innocently in puddles of tainted water,

You’ll find her in the newly born infant; wailing out uninhibitedly towards its mother,

You’ll find her in the rustically humming bumblebees; which were unrelentingly busy round the clock in producing tones of sweet honey,

You’ll find her incarcerated in the hard shell of coconut; wherein lies the succulent layer of ravishing pulp,

You’ll find her in grizzly bears inhabiting the mountains; traversing harmlessly with several flakes of snow on their backs,

You’ll find her in the yellow lilies; having vivid shoots of red sprouting from its oval shaped core,

You’ll find her in the silver crested dolphin diving in and out of the undulating sea; spraying gallon of tingling droplets as an aftermath,

You’ll find her in tubules of delectable mushroom; protruding in perfect harmony from the moist land,

You’ll find her in crystalline water evacuated from the belly of earth; ubiquitously quenching insatiable urges of thirst,

You’ll find her in the solitary oasis lying forlorn in the desert; yet
scintillating magnificently in daylight,

You’ll find her in globules of lukewarm milk; oozing profusely from the swollen
teats of mother cow,

You’ll find her in thunderous snores permeating the stillness of night; wafting from the mouth of an individual in deep slumber,

You’ll find her in the persevering camel; impeccably traversing through scorching deserts; inadvertently moving its hunched back,

You’ll find her in blood red cherries; ingratiatingly dangling from branches
of the tall tree,

You’ll find her in the droplets of salty sweat trickling down ones persona; after a
good days-tenacious work,

You’ll find her in the profoundly blushing cheek; which got aggrandized by a frivolous poke to the ribs,

You’ll find her in the tender palm of a fairy; with infinite lines terminating into incommensurate forks,

You’ll find her in the belligerent eyes of a solider; unafraid to sacrifice his life for the nation,

You’ll find her in the pouch bellied kangaroo; racing at swashbuckling speeds
through the dense forests,

You’ll find her in the conglomerate of green leaves; cascading from the roof
of the hollow mountain cavern,

You’ll find her in the bubbling broth being made in freezing winter; providing
some respite from the irrevocable cold,

You’ll find her in the nocturnal shadows; diligently staying riveted to the
silhouettes of their masters,

You’ll find her in the enamoring mass of black hair; settling down with stupendous grace on the angular shoulder,

You’ll find her in the virgin oyster embedded at fathomless depths of the ocean; untouched the slightest by the adulterated ambience of land,

You’ll find her in the grandiloquent inscriptions of the palace; the resplendent fountains rising high in the air,

You’ll find her in the cow dung cakes adhering to indigenous village walls; shielding the dwelling from acrimonious rays of the sun,

You’ll find her in the philanthropic nurse at the hospital; who altruistically serves all those in pain and bizarre affliction,

You’ll find her in the spongy blades of grass; thoroughly cushioning the skull from a direct and unscrupulous contact with the stony ground,

You’ll find her in the vibrant shades of root color; which the artist uses to inundate his barren sheet of canvas,
You’ll find her in rotund bar of brown chocolate; which impregnates the tongue
with an irrefutably sweet taste,

You’ll find her in melting white water streams; gushing incessantly from the summit of the snow clad mountains at the onset of steaming summer,

You’ll find her in finely sliced stem of coriander; which imparts substantial taste to the most lackluster of food,

You’ll find her embossed in the sacrosanct scriptures of religious books; all that literature written which circumvents immortal peace,

You’ll find her invincibly imprisoned in lips, which smile; generating the essence of life in the nondescript atmosphere,

You’ll find her embedded in incongruous recesses of the soil; harboring a fleet of terrestrial organisms in their cozy warmth,

You’ll find her squirting as untainted latex; gradually extruding from the stalk
of pliable rubber tree,

You’ll find her residing in the glittering harp; whose chords produced a mystically melodious tune when dexterously struck,

You’ll find her incorporated in the furry mattress; with a jugglery of woolen threads extruding out,

You’ll find her embodied in the knotted handkerchief; tossed exuberantly in the air; tickling the cluster of eyelashes as it fell,

You’ll find her in the congenial glowworm philandering through the bushes; emitting an iridescent radiance to illuminate the night,

You’ll find her in the hapless slippers of the old grandmother; chivalrously distributing sweets amongst young children; recounting to them innumerable tales
of the obsolete past,

You’ll find her in long trousers of flannel cloth; stitched with fibers of simplicity and care,

You’ll find her in pots chiseled of rustic clay; molded articulately with bohemian tribal palms,

You’ll find her in twinkling stars scattered to unfathomable distances in the cosmos; glistening amicably in the murderous blackness,

You’ll find her in the sapphire veils sequestering the woman’s eyes; obliterating her from heinous evil prevalent in the world,

You’ll find her in the century old fossil impregnated with a pellucid demeanor; silently yet effusively portraying the tale of existence before a thousand years,

You’ll find her in the parachute bobbing indolently under the breeze; gently
hovering down on the earth,

You’ll find her in crusty flakes of snow; affably clinging to the glass pane
window of the dwelling,

You’ll find her in the cheeks of a newly born offspring; the scarlet tinge
they acquire when he profusely cries,

You’ll find her in the bedraggled beard of an old man; nictitating enchantingly
with the clean wind,

You’ll find her in the sacerdotal bells dangling low in the temple; giving out mesmerizing sounds when conscientiously strung,

You’ll find her in vibrant colors of the gorgeous rainbow; announcing its presence when water tumbled from the sky in dazzling brightness,

You’ll find her in the saliently thick veins of emerald green betel leaf; diffusing a ravishing aroma when meticulously chewed,

You’ll find her in the heavily dunloped toddler pram; which sways rhythmically; thereby putting the infant into a celestial calm,

You’ll find her in trunk of the mammoth elephant; inhaling bucket fulls of
water from the river; sprinkling the same with rambunctious noises over the
unsuspecting parrots,

You’ll find her protuberant neck of a pigeon; swelling it all the more blatantly with the arrival of winter,

You’ll find her in drifting weeds of algae; engendering a flurry of incoherent ripples on the surface of the forlorn stream,

You’ll find her in pot bellied ducks; discordantly croaking with their flaccid and yellow beaks hoisting small fish from the lake,

You’ll find her in the sneeze that turbulently hisses past slimy nostrils; transforming the supremely sophisticated into natural humans,

You’ll find her in all items of edible food; satiating the hunger of millions of bowels perishing due to opprobrious poverty,

You’ll find her in the juicy watermelon; yielding tantalizingly red water when
astutely squeezed,

You’ll find her in the bushy squirrel scampering up and down the tree; onerously gnawing at chunks of stolen jackfruit,

You’ll find her in the mischievous faced chimpanzee; perfectly emulating the
actions of his civilized counterparts on the bustling street,

You’ll find her in the cup of steaming filter coffee; which grants loads of
reprieve from the insurmountable cold,

You’ll find her in the compassionate mascara circumventing the eyes; granting
them with that thoroughly effeminate look which they vehemently desired,

You’ll find her in all those benevolent leaders; who chalk egalitarian policies for both the affluent and indigent alike,

You’ll find her in the tears which sporadically flow down the cheek; which culminate at instants of astronomical felicity,

You’ll find her in sparkling waterfalls plummeting down the slope; creating an
ingratiating gurgling sound after kissing the earth,

You’ll find her in appetizing candy cones overflowing with sweet raspberry; instantly pacifying even the most pernicious of personalities,

You’ll find her in the jagged oars of a boat; securely maneuvering the bleary eyed passengers to the shore,

You’ll find her in raw chunks of mud; which discharge an exquisite redolence
soon after the first spell of rain,

You’ll find her in plain strings which the sister ties to her brother on his
wrist; symbolizing a perpetual bond of unbiased love,
You’ll find her in the soft toys that a child incessantly plays with; fomenting unprecedented smiles on his lips,

You’ll find her in underground cloistered tunnels; which provide unsurpassable
reprieve to millions during times of pugnacious war,

You’ll find her in the nascent seed; which later gives birth to the gigantic sized tree,

You’ll find her in nostalgic memories of the past; making an adult reminiscent
about his boisterous childhood,

You’ll find her in the pulp of ripened banana; producing a fabulous flavor when masticated,

You’ll find her in every incommensurate footprint on this earth; depicting the
presence of a tangibly breathing entity,

You’ll find her in the blood circulating through your veins; instilling the energy to exist with the unfurling of each second,

You’ll find her in the eyes of your beloved; prompting you to audaciously leap
into the sea of adventure,

You’ll find her in every heart throbbing beside you; intensely reinvigorating
the spirit to uninhibitedly live,

And you didn’t need to spend a single penny to purchase her; a moment to applaud her; for all you needed to do was to profusely blend with nature and humanity; and you’ll find her automatically,

For she was none other than the supremely omnipresent ‘GODDESS OF LOVE’.


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