The Greatest Love

The greatest copyright on this Universe; protecting your philanthropically holistic work; from even the most diminutive insinuation of the salacious devil,

The greatest fantasy on this Universe; transcending over the realms of the stupendously extraordinary; metamorphosing all your dreams into a veritable reality,

The greatest light on this Universe; inundating every cranny of deplorably dwindling soil; with irrefutably Omnipotent light,

The greatest fragrance on this Universe; disseminating the spirit of immortal mankind; ensuring that earth forever remained a blissful paradise,

The greatest mirror on this Universe; explicitly depicting the sins and intricacies; of your past; present and mystically future life,

The greatest mountain on this Universe; vanquishing the most deadliest of diabolical attack; with a silent stroke of his little finger,

The greatest brain on this Universe; incredulously evolving and spawning countless of living kind; bountifully blessing them with the prowess to bask in the aisles of everlasting success,

The greatest savior on this Universe; frequenting those who needed him the most; alleviating them of their misery and inexplicable pain,

The greatest ocean on this Universe; quenching the scorching thirst of fathomless; with his Omnipresent ointment of love; his melody that was unfathomably divine,

The greatest truth on this Universe; scrapping blatant lies from its very non-existent; sowing the seeds of impregnable honesty; in every conceivable tribe,

The greatest star on this Universe; enriching the ghastly silence of the solitary night; with his Omniscient rays of enchanting moonlight,

The greatest destiny on this Universe; majestically maneuvering the lives of those horrifically impoverished; towards Oligarchic royalty and intransigent bliss,

The greatest map on this Universe; astoundingly bifurcating every single iota of land and water; into voluptuously mesmerizing tangible kind,

The greatest knowledge on this Universe; deluging shattered lives wandering maniacally towards suicide; towards the spirit of perennially benevolent times,
The greatest blessing on this Universe; replenishing the life of even the most infinitesimally weak; with unprecedented richness and unparalleled joy,

The greatest dwelling on this Universe; harboring the insurmountably rich; and the disgustingly deprived in his compassionately heavenly swirl; alike,

The greatest power on this Universe; pulverizing the ominously satanic to ludicrous ash; within the single wink of his unconquerable eyes,

The greatest sky on this Universe; showering infinite breathing molecules to lead a harmoniously symbiotic life; bonding their souls with unsurpassable charisma;
in every birth he granted them life,

And the greatest love on this Universe; uniting each heart alive with the spirit of uninhibited sharing; the irrevocable spirit to keep serving humanity and be alive,

Was just a minuscule description of my Almighty Lord; who kept bestowing me air to live till the time I committed good deeds upon this earth; squelching me like a pertinent mosquito; the instant I tried to greedily manipulate his benign humanity; and yet dream of being immortally alive.


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