The Greatest Truth; The Greatest Lie.

The greatest comfort existing; is in the moist arms of the impeccable mother,

The greatest light existing; is the dazzling glow of the flamboyantly fiery Sun,

The greatest depth existing; is in the poignant eyes of your beloved,

The greatest salt existing; is in the undulating waters of the saline ocean,

The greatest blessing existing; is the one imparted by the impoverished heart,

The greatest noise existing; is the deafening roar of the fulminating volcano,

The greatest scent existing; is the one emanating profoundly from the redolent rose,

The greatest taste existing; is in the succulent cluster of ravishing plums,

The greatest length existing; is the colossal expanse of crystal blue sky,

The greatest dirt existing; is the massacre of the innocent and the deprived,

The greatest voice existing; is the enchanting sound of the nightingale,

The greatest hand existing; is the one that philanthropically helps others in times of distress,

The greatest color existing; is the one circumventing the resplendent rainbow,

The greatest water existing; is the one trapped delectably inside the hard skull of coconut,

The greatest language existing; is the one symbolizing humanity,

The greatest mirror existing; is the one intricately lining your soul,

The greatest perspiration existing; is the one that dribbled profusely after a hard days work,

The greatest joke existing; is that life is a bed of roses,

The greatest bye existing; was one executed by a dying soldier,

The greatest lie existing; is that man can live forever; and never die,
And the greatest truth existing; is unbiased love; the entity you solely continue
living for


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