The Heart That Was 100% Mine

The blood flowing in her intricate veins; was as red as flaming ball of Sun in the cosmos,
Got instantly agitated when she sighted me; talking vociferously with another of her kind.

The skin covering her tender bones; was as Resplendent as the pelting showers of rain,
Stirred insatiable desires in my soul; when I sighted her dexterously leaping the skipping rope.

The nails embossed on her dainty fingers; were as soft as a mystical fairy,
And she used them to tickle me incessantly; at moments when I was perplexed
with life.

The cluster of teeth in her palette; were as white as the Goddess of pearly moon,
With which she cast amicable smiles at me; keeping me in bubbling spirits
all throughout the day.

The twin pairs of eyes in her sockets; were as crystalline as the scintillating waterfall,
They were studded with gargantuan traces of empathy; wept hysterically when I was in pain.

The coverings of her luscious lips; were like the succulent fruit of water melon,
Voluptuously enticing me to kiss; blend my passionate warmth with her in entirety.

The petite pair of feet she possessed; were like the gentle river trickling through the forest,
Coherently synchronized themselves to beats of music; danced uninhibitedly when seeing me in jubilation.

The hair on her scalp cascaded down full length; like the waterfall plummeting
from precipices of the mountain,
Which she further embellished tying bunches of fragrant flower; swirling them at full speeds towards my face.

The earrings in her fleshy ear lobe; resembled sweet fillings of nectar inhabiting the bee hive,
Jingled with melody as she walked; enlightening the island of despair in my eyes.

And above all things that mattered; she had impregnated in her chest; an
immaculate heart,
Which throbbed vehemently when witnessing my silhouette; the heart
that was 100% mine.


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