The Heaven Of Immortal Love.


Like the unflinchingly fiery blaze of the majestic Sun; which wholesomely beheaded even the most insouciant trace of hideous negativity; with its eternally subliming shine,

Like the sporadically enthusing twinkling of the starts; which provided those inevitably unconquerable beams of hope; in the ghastily asphyxiating blackness of the treacherous midnight,

Like the undauntedly ravishing roar of the ocean; whose each enigmatic wave profoundly blessed the diabolically cold-blooded rocks; with its ecstatically tangy spray,

Like the astoundingly miraculous virility of mother soil; which indefatigably spawned into the most bountiful creations of tomorrow; despite bearing the brunt of war and vindictive nuclear attack; a countless times,

Like the fathomless fantasizing power of the brain; which could perceive in an infinite directions beyond the land of infinity; even though the body was heartlessly circumscribed within the cadaverous iron bars of prison,

Like the unassailably princely perfume of the scarlet rose; which only knew how to disseminate the mantra of perennially fructifying compassion; amongst one and all entities alive,

Like the peerlessly inimitable melody in the nightingale’s voice; which left its own awe-inspiring mark even in an atmosphere; which was dolorously plagiarized with the sounds of abhorrent war and prejudice,

Like the glamorously golden dewdrops on the carpet of velvety grass; which incorrigibly clung like a newborn child every wintry night; and then ushered the ultimate utopia; to every drearily lambasted sole that transgressed,

Like the religion of everlasting humanity; which inherently inhabited every single droplet of blood; that unabashedly ran through the veins of symbiotic organism alive,

Like the infallible exultation in the wind; which perpetuated a spirit of ubiquitous triumph; into every lividly beleaguered chest; inconsolably drooping towards its grave,

Like the pragmatic ticking of the clock; which never let the crux of blessed life vapidly deteriorate and die; even after veritable death had mercilessly confiscated poignant breath,

Like the undefeated iridescent charisma of the Moon; which metamorphosed the complexion of the goriest of night; into the throne of celestially venerated queen,

Like the unparalleled vivaciousness of the Rainbow; which triggered the desire to effulgently live; in even a man whose both feet were sinking at a speed faster than light; into his jinxed corpse,

Like the universally insatiable thirst for goodness; that victoriously lingered in every innocuous soul; on the trajectory of this insuperably consecrated earth,

Like the voice of brilliantly unfettered truth; that not only forever massacred the morbid graveyard of wanton lies; but made sure that it never ever could insanely palpitate on the cradle of the planet divine,

Like the invincibly breathtaking epitome of Everest; from which the entire globe looked handsomely alike; irrespective of caste; creed; status; religion; color or spurious tribe,

Like the inscrutably curled lines of the palm; which masterfully depicted the innumerable twists and turns; gave birth to the river of spell-binding destiny in
every single organisms life,

Like the ardent breath which synergistically wafted from each nostril; which engendered even the most deadened of ghosts to once again; gallop and royally replenish with spectacularly enthralling life,

And then of course there existed the ‘Father & Mother’ of all of the above; which bonded all these elements and an infinite more goodness forever together; which was the heaven of ‘Immortal Love’


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