The Ideal Heart

The ideal height is the one; that can stand tall and domineering in a crowd bustling with infinite number of unruly pedestrians,

The ideal weight is the one; that can facilitate a person to sprint like a panther; even in the most obsolete of his dreams,

The ideal skin is the one; which can bear the brunt of sweltering Sun; as well as be unflinching in the winds of freezing winter,

The ideal feet are ones; which assist the wanderer to step even on smoldering fires,

The ideal eyes are the ones; which emanate a glimmer to live; even when tightly closed,

The ideal hand is the one; that defends you singlehandedly; imparting you with the tenacity to lead life; even when confronted with a battalion of thorns,

The ideal tongue is the one; that oscillates to produce voice; silences its critics as and when required,

The ideal stomach is the one; which scrupulously digests food; keeps itself well in proportion; to stand good stead in front of the acerbic society,

The ideal cheeks are the ones; which blush sporadically; adding tinges of robust vibrancy to the otherwise pallid atmosphere,

The ideal thumb is the one; which punches the air in triumph to announce irrevocable victory,

The ideal armpits are the ones; which remain submerged in silver perspiration; after performing an arduous days work,

The ideal shirt is the one; which scintillates impeccably; even after passing through the dust storm,

The ideal tooth is the one; that chews indefatigably; till the last bud of taste is appeased and satisfied,

The ideal hair is the one; which cascades down in splendid harmony; shimmering majestically under the moon,

The ideal nail is the one; that scratches like a wild cat; embedding the attackers flesh with numerous numbers vicious wounds; in order to survive,

The ideal walk is the one; which perpetuates the head to be always held high,

The ideal prayer is the one; which asks God to bestow upon his masses the virtue of brotherhood and equality,

The ideal religion is the one; which since years unprecedented has always respected humanity,

The ideal philosophy is the one; which allows to live and to blissfully let live,

The ideal pleasure is the one; which spreads a smile to the faces of all those afflicted and in bizarre pain,

The ideal sacrifice is the one; in which you abdicate breath for the sake of million different souls to be born,

The ideal love is the one; in which one is prepared to die for the other,

The ideal breath is the one; which evolves passionate moisture in the air after caressing it,

And the ideal heart is the one; which never ceases to beat; throbs violently; each time when given doses of love.


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