The Key To Love

The key to clamber the steep slope of the mountain; was a knotted rope; blended with overwhelming spirit of adventure,

The key to drive a car; was articulate maneuvering of the steering wheel; along with gallons of golden gasoline,

The key to solve an enigmatic riddles; was flexing the brain to unsurpassable limits;
and intense concentration,

The key to grow sumptuous grass on undulating expanse of land; was to sprinkle it with water and fertilizer,

The key to quench insatiable thirst; was to consume a glass of cool and
revitalizing water,

The key to feel enlightened; was to stare unrelentingly in open space; sleep under the twinkling stars,

The key to becoming learned; was to grasp basic ingredients of mystical life; keeping the ears open to prevailing sounds,

The key to overcoming gruesome blackness; was illuminating the atmosphere with dazzling light,

The key to swim through choppy currents of the swirling ocean; was dexterous movements of the hands and feet; compounded with exorbitant stamina,

The key to sketch the intricate silhouette of landscape; was articulate fingers; adroitly molding the bristles of paintbrush,

The key to annihilating the venom in a snake; is ruthlessly snapping off its fangs,

The key to pelting showers of torrential rain; was an agglomerate of sinister black clouds,

The key to procuring salubrious white eggs; was to rear a robust hen,

The key to controlling haphazard flow of traffic; was to scrupulously regulate the timing of signals,

The key to produce mesmerizing tunes; was to tickle the vocal chords deep down the throat; float wholesomely in a world of surreal fantasy,
The key to dancing traditionally; was to generate nimble strokes of the feet; gyrating to the cadence of sound,

The key to an immaculately sparkling complexion; was diligently consuming fresh fruits from the farm,

The key to cleanliness; was incorporating stringently in all; a sense of hygiene,

The key to combat vandalism; was to reinforce vacant arenas with formidable security,

The key to blissful relaxation; was easing cumbersome tensions from the brain; reinvigorating it with perfume,

The key to stay perpetually happy; was to smile; profoundly appreciate the newness of nature,

The key to winning marathon sprints; was exerting the muscles of chest and legs to tumultuous capacity,

The key to unprecedented success in life; is an overwhelming desire to achieve; followed by hard work,

And the key to perennial love; was listening to the inner most tunes of throbbing heart; implementing the same to manifest them into reality.


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