The Language Of My Heart

The language of my lips was uninhibited happiness; compassionately nibbling every element of rhapsodic goodness; that euphorically swam in the panoramic atmosphere,

The language of my eyes was unceasing empathy; a perennially untainted desire to amalgamate my impoverished being; with every conceivable fraternity of living society,

The language of my chin was endless mischief; eternally frolicking with countless nubile maidens on the pristine sea shores; enlightening even the most inane iota of morbid gloom in the atmosphere,

The language of my cheeks was tantalizingly embarrassed euphoria; erupting
into a fathomless gallery of nimble goose-bumps; as when the ebulliently fantastic winds of unadulterated autumn gushed in upon the freshly embellished bride,

The language of my shoulders was altruistic philanthropism; tirelessly hoisting my fellow comrades in inclement distress; towards the paradise of their very own choice,

The language of my fingers was untamed artistry; insatiably evolving a glorious civilization of panoramic beauty; out of inconspicuously threadbare wilderness,

The language of my armpits was emolliently hard earned perspiration; the feeling of unsurpassably mollifying contentment of having relentlessly strived forward to blissfully conserve my diminutive existence,

The language of my feet was timelessly inexhaustible adventure; tirelessly philandering upon even the most evanescent cranny of god’s wonderfully enchanting creation,

The language of my stomach was inevitably symbiotic hunger; marvelously replenishing the egregiously tyrannized intestines inside; with the bounteously scrumptious fruits of eternal mother nature,

The language of my brain was fathomlessly never-ending fantasy; with not the
slightest bit of jejunely treacherous monotony daring to perpetuate it for times immemorial,

The language of my bones was unflinchingly blazing patriotism; expending the
last ounce of energy trapped within them to the service of their limitlessly
sacrosanct motherland,

The language of my shadow was satiny sensuousness; tantalizing even the most
parasitically alien into an unending whirlpool of astoundingly invincible ecstasy,

The language of my palms was unavoidably unraveling destiny; transcending above every aspect of my incessant struggle for propitiously mesmerizing existence,

The language of my eyelashes was mischievously flirtatious winking; rejoicing the unassailably divine moments of newborn infanthood; even when I had nurtured into perilous greyness of complete manhood,

The language of my blood was pricelessly impregnable humanity; celestially
coalescing with every construable element of living kind; for an infinite more
births yet of mine,

The language of my throat was synergistic melody; tranquilly inundating every lugubriously nonchalant particle of the atmosphere; with the undefeatable chorus of uninhibitedly united brotherhood,

The language of my persona was amazing procreation; endeavoring my very best
in continuing god’s chapter of venerated evolution; till the absolutely irrevocable
end of my breath,

The language of my conscience was irrefutably unshakable truth; perpetually
traversing on the path of egalitarian silken righteousness; even as holocausts of hell viciously stabbed the soil of earth,

The language of my nostrils was quintessentially life-yielding breath; compassionately embracing every living organism in whirlpools of vivaciously beautiful desire,

And the language of my heart was immortally Omnipotent love; forever and ever and ever bonding with the beats of my unconquerable beloved; till centuries unprecedented even after my this birth and the destined corpse of my death.


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