The Lord’s Most Favorite Child.

Celebrate the voluptuously cascading rain; with an unsurpassable flurry of nubile vixens; compassionately matching step to step; of your ebulliently dancing stride,

Celebrate the eternally Omnipotent dawn; with mellifluously impeccable cisterns of honey; unabashedly dribbling across every conceivable pore of your nimbly impoverished body,

Celebrate the sensuously inebriating night; with a plethora of handsomely untainted bonfires; whose unflinchingly golden flames; kissed the farthermost corner of the fathomlessly enamoring sky,

Celebrate the uninhibitedly liberating holidays; with unlimitedly enthralling labyrinths of adventures; which gave bountifully fresh birth to every dying pore of your skin; every unfurling instant of destined lifetime,

Celebrate philanthropically ameliorating victory; with celestially beautiful smiles; which made you as well everyone around you feel; the most inimitably priceless organism on this boundlessly mesmerizing Universe,

Celebrate invincibly venerated motherhood; with perennially unconquerable compassion; which granted the most poignant fortresses of solidarity; to the
majestically newborn child,

Celebrate fantastically unfettered paradise; with unceasingly iridescent caravans of spell binding fantasy; which timelessly escalated you to the footsteps of the Omnipresent divine,

Celebrate unbelievably tranquil loneliness; with magically unhindered enchantment; which inexorably mitigated you of even the most infinitesimally non-existent of your worries,

Celebrate indomitably fearless oneness; with the mantra of ubiquitously unparalleled humanity; which made you feel that there was nothing else but miraculously undefeated heaven; on even the most disappearing step that you nimbly tread,

Celebrate incredulously invincible Everest; with the most ravishingly costliest oceans of shimmering champagne; which seductively sparked an inferno of unendingly untamed desire in even the most obliviously crumbling of your bones,

Celebrate wonderfully replenishing sleep; with an endlessly fructifying festoon of jubilant dreams; which refreshed the innermost dormitories of your soul; to spawn into an infinite civilizations of newness; the very next rays of glistening dawn,
Celebrate perpetually egalitarian brotherhood; with the sky of fathomlessly bonding and unshakable unity; which perpetuated in you the temerity; to peerlessly behead even the most sacrilegiously assassinating of devil,

Celebrate panoramically effulgent beauty; with unstoppably ardent cloudbursts of appreciation; which evaporated even the most hedonistically frazzled of your nerves; into wisps of insouciantly vanishing oblivion,

Celebrate amazingly earnest candidness; with the ever-pervadingly righteous soil of brilliant honesty; which imparted you the most insuperably royal wings to fly; for times beyond an infinite more lifetimes,

Celebrate triumphantly benign lips; with an everlastingly unflinching kiss of imperceptible passion; which rekindled in you a fresh desire to exist; even when a countless feet beneath your hideously veritable grave,

Celebrate gloriously golden sweat; with a tireless cavalcade of salutations towards the Omnisciently showering sky; which acted as your sole savior in every tangible and intangible sphere of synergistically destined life,

Celebrate ecstatically tantalizing breath; with a fearlessly never-ending hug; which made you feel quintessentially closer; to your incomparably magnetic rudiments,

Celebrate victoriously unmatched heartbeat; with a Universe of fervent gregariousness; which forever coalesced every element of your survival; symbiotically with every fraternity; caste; creed; religion and tribe,

And celebrate every instant of optimistically blessed life; with the beats of immorally Omnipresent love; which granted you a permanent place in the most unassailable thrones of heaven; and which made you this very unfurling moment; the Lord’s most favorite child.


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