The Moon I Possessed

The moon in the sky was obliterated by a cluster of ashen Grey clouds,
While the moon standing before me; was as immaculate as freshly extracted milk.

The moon in the sky possessed disdainful blotches of dispersed powder,
While the moon standing abreast my heart; was bereft of even a solitary spot
of dirt on its body.

The moon in the sky was often invaded by a fleet of alien spaceships,
While the moon I held in close proximity; was obsessively mine.

The moon in the sky bestowed its tenacious radiance only in nocturnal hours
of the night,
While the moon caressing my lips; shone brilliantly all sweltering day; as well
as in perpetual dark.

The moon in the sky was often overshadowed by flaming rays of the sun,
While the moon lying down on my toes; stood prominently as the lone survivor
amidst infinite contestants of beauty.

The moon in the sky offered partial relief from the monotonous heat prevailing
in the air,
While the moon smiling parallel to my eyes; pacified all turbulence that arose in my body.

The moon in the sky changed its shape with the unleashing hour,
While the moon whispering in my intricate ear; harbored the same silhouette for marathon numbers of years.

The moon in the sky remained impassive as an obdurate stone; even when I cried,
While the moon nestling beside me in the languid grass; wiped my tears with sumptuous empathy.

The moon in the sky segregated its love; amongst millions of people residing on the globe,
While the moon dwelling with me in my house; loved me as much as it feared to
abruptly die.

The moon in the sky didn’t breathe a fraction of air,
While the moon staring at me in due adulation for countless hours; breathed
heavily down my neck.

And did you; know that the moon in the sky was as intangible as the withered leaf;
While the moon I possessed in entirety in my perception; was living; being the most beautiful girl on this earth


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