The Natural Bend

The leaf gorgeously parrot green in color,
Relishes flamboyant tinges of purple on its coat,
Its face tapered and jutting out,
It reveals to all its natural splendour,
Infinite lines adorn its spongy surface,
Bifurcating oblong zones of its sand paper complexion,
Its real beauty comes pouring out,
As the rainy season begins to sprout.
The beauty which is truly emphatic,
Indicates bent points on its slender persona,
Drooping down in a stingy manner,
To get a fleeting glimpse of the earth,
Which nourished it like a baby from its childhood to its present day youth,
The very earth; of which it has been an integral part for decades of existence.
It sways gently in the hot currents of breeze,
Dead eyes disclosing true facts of life,
Hold no fear; are devoid of vacillating emotion,
Leading a person to astral remnants of an ancient phase.
Its time of perennial joy never ends,
For it always shows its naturally sculptured and angular bend.


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