The Noble Citizens Of Tomorrow

Watch them bounce in untamed exhilaration; boisterously clap their hands in unison as the sun shines high in the sky,

Watch them play gleefully in the mud; coating it uninhibitedly and with exuberant energy on their innocent faces,

Watch them splash in the sea; munching delicious cookies; embossing fabulous sandcastles in the foamy and shimmering sands,

Watch them pummel each other joyfully in the ribs; triumphantly march forward without a trace of manipulation or fear in their impeccable eyes,

Watch them sing songs in incoherent tandem; not bound by restraints of the monotonously conventional society,

Watch them fantasize to unprecedented limits; surreally swishing their chubby cheeks to a place where the most ingenious of scientists failed to reach even in mind-boggling inventions,

Watch them run behind their mothers back; emanate the most mesmerizing smile ever found on this colossal planet,

Watch them greedily gobble milk and food; make a sheer mess of their plates and clothes as they sat with overwhelming mischief besieging their facial contours for nocturnal supper,

Watch them clamber up their elders without the tiniest of embarrassment; pluck the beard of their fathers with insurmountable naughtiness,

Watch them go to school with their laces always upside down; crusts of innocuous dirt always dribbling down divinely from their nose,

Watch them immaculately emulate their siblings; run rampantly in the loose mud for their place at the winning point,

Watch them evolve incongruous words with their pens; fall asleep midway as if the load was the biggest to confront on this globe,

Watch them walk upside down with their tongues poking out in candid expression; the cotton encompassing their diminutive bodies fluttering violently with the

Watch them incessantly cry in lap of their mother; make the amusingly astounding gestures with their nimble pink set of dainty jaws,

Watch them intriguingly stare at a flurry of objects in vicinity; trying their best to decipher the meaning of this alien world,

Watch them stumbling inadvertently as they walked; endeavoring to solidly consolidate their intricate footing on earth’s ground,

Watch them smear ice-cream all over their robust complexioned minuscule bodies; unwitting perceiving it to be the bubbly family soap,

Watch them indefatigably decorate and feed their fairy dolls; entirely oblivious to the vagaries of this uncouthly parasitic township,

Watch them breathe and live with an ardor; that even the most mightiest of human beings floundered to achieve in infinite lives,

Watch them enjoy the privilege of being God’s favorite molecules; easily superceding the most unfathomable of creations in this Universe,

And over and above all; watch these tiny angels grow in the future decades yet to unveil; harness handsomely and with irrefutable conviction into the noble citizens of tomorrow.


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