The Omnipresent Mother

What was more sacrosanct; was it her inimitably ebullient and beautifully crimson blood; or was it her celestially invincible and victoriously unflinching; milk?

What was more compassionate; was it her uninhibitedly everlasting and blissfully bonding embrace; or was it her impregnably bountiful and victoriously heavenly; belly?

What was more beautiful; was it her impeccably artistic and timelessly emphatic eyes; or was it her philanthropically helping and magically ameliorating; palms?

What more Omnipotent; was it her pricelessly undefeated and perpetually liberating blessings; or was it her unconquerably miraculous and perennially triumphant; footprints?

What was more fragrant; was it her unceasingly royal and altruistically infallible principles of humanity; or was it her unalterably truthful and gloriously
pristine; sweat?

What was more artistic; was it her innocuously nubile and divinely unbridled
skin; or was it her Omnisciently curvaceous and mellifluously entwining; fingers?

What was more tranquil; was it her resplendently effulgent and blessedly synergistic lap; or was it her incredulously mollifying and unnervingly venerated; voice?

What was more blessed; was it her tirelessly fructifying and symbiotically blossoming countenance; or was it her selflessly sacrificing and limitlessly endowing; fantasies?

What was more sensitive; was it her daintily twinkling and iridescently euphoric ears; or was it her Omnisciently unimpeachable and boundlessly benign; soul?

What was more queenly; was it her intrepidly fearless and spotlessly unperturbed stride; or was it her brilliantly enriching and immaculately unconquerable; eyelashes?

What was more sheltering; was it her untiringly unhindered and courageously carrying shoulders; or was it her unfathomably mitigating and pricelessly comforting; shadow?

What was more promising; was it her jubilantly unparalleled and irrefutably unshakable signature; or was it her endlessly undying and fantastically flamboyant; aura?

What was more indomitable; was it her affably melanging and poignantly showering smile; or was it her unlimitedly ardent and astoundingly fecund; strength?
What was more accentuated; was it her peerlessly undefeated and exuberantly
transcending stare; or was it her supremely affable and prudently eclectic; nose?

What was more enlightening; was it her celestially melodious and harmoniously uniting voice; or was it her fabulously spotless and charismatically honest; conscience?

What was more life-yielding; was it her unstoppably fervent and amazingly
proliferating breath; or was it her ubiquitously spawning and timelessly unassailable; virility?

What was more vivacious; was it her fantastically uncurbed and spell bindingly evolving brain; or was it her innocently kissing and synergistically reviving; lips?

What was more faithful; was it her passionately throbbing and endlessly gregarious heartbeat; or was it her simplistically blessed and eternally persevering bones?

Well the answer to all of the above was a big “nothing”; neither was anything of hers was better than something of hers; neither could anything of hers be compared to anything existing on earth and even beyond infinite infinity; as just everything; O! Yes completely and entirely everything; of her The Omnipresent mother was intransigently Immortal.


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