The Only Person

Even If an inconspicuous particle of dust entered your eye; making you
wildly scratch with your tender palms,
That very moment I would go completely blind; wholesomely abdicating
the ability to perspicuously see.

Even if you tripped inadvertently on the floor; slightly bruising the
skin on your fragile shoulders,
That very moment I would collapse on the ground; developing a series of
multiple fracture in my feet.

Even if you coughed a trifle; as an aftermath of poignant pepper encompassing your nostrils,
That very moment I would have unrelenting bouts of rapid breathing; incessantly sneeze till the time my eyes popped out of their sockets.

Even if you perceived a baseless fear; of drizzling rain water disdainfully drenching you,
That very moment I would gruesomely drown in the colossal ocean; incorrigibly
refraining to steer my way up the surface.

Even if you tossed and turned petulantly on the bed for a few minutes;
before falling into a sound slumber,
That very moment I would irrevocably stare into black space; keeping
awake the entire night like a dreaded insomniac.

Even if you banged your robust fists softly into the wall; expressing
your profound indignation at getting late for office,
That very moment I would put my hands under the springing axe;
pulverizing them into infinite splinters of bone.

Even if you contracted a minuscule infection; with the imbalance in
your body disappearing within a few hours of stringent medication,
That very moment I would have astronomically high levels of tribal
fever; with the entire of my silhouette burning like a piece of red coal.

Even if you got an iota pierced; by the irascible mosquito
unceremoniously hovering around,
That very moment I would be bitten by swarms of stinging bees;
inserting their venomous tentacles into my cheeks.

Even if you felt a little suffocated; wading through the claustrophobic
queues for the railway ticket,
That very moment I would relinquish breath in perpetual entirety; and
my heart would cease to throb in its cavity.

All this is because you are the only person I have profoundly loved
in my life sweetheart; the only deity I worship and adore,
And as every breath of yours unleashes; mine gets automatically a million times faster.


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