The Other Name Of Life

The other name of life; is to spawn into a rhapsodically fresh beginning every unfurling minute of the day; although your past might have indiscriminately pulverized you with an infinite whiplashes of abuse and hedonistic disdain,

The other name of life; is to unfurl into an unsurpassable festoon of resplendently vivacious color; be enamored by the fathomlessly panoramic gorges of Almighty Lord; even while you were in drearily subjugated sleep,

The other name of life; is to frolic in the aisles of rapaciously uncontrollable desire; kiss the most unprecedented apogees of success; even when you felt you were being ruthlessly gored by the ferociously decimating bull,

The other name of life; is to unflinchingly confront the most venomous juggernaut of the evil; perennially smiling with the blessings of the Omnipotent divine,

The other name of life; is to metamorphose even the most ethereal trace of deliriously pernicious insanity; into an unrelenting tornado of exuberantly mesmerizing freshness,

The other name of life; is to uninhibitedly philander under the perpetually blazing rays of the Omniscient Sun; enlightening every dwelling besieged with cancerously arcane despair; even though you were standing beside your veritable shivering grave,

The other name of life; is to symbiotically prosper arm in arm with every echelon of living kind and holistic society; melanging every conceivable color under the Sun; with the religion of unconquerable humanity,

The other name of life; is to keep perennially blossoming into a civilization of fructifying virility; boundless kilometers away from the tombstones of morbidly decrepit manipulation and baselessly lugubrious prejudice,

The other name of life; is to assimilate all goodness that you could fathom from the enchantingly spell binding atmosphere; ubiquitously sprinkle and bestow the same upon every entity that you encountered in your enigmatic way,

The other name of life; is to keep relentlessly blazing like into a whirlpool of artistically untamed exoticism; even as avalanches of grumpily sodomizing politics tried to slander and lethally incarcerate you from all sides,

The other name of life; is to regally lead each unfurling moment that unleashed your way to the most aristocratic limits; and limitlessly ensure the same to every bereaved organism; who was frantically struggling to be alive

The other name of life; is to tirelessly spawn like the poignantly seductive dewdrop; even though it was well past the heart of gruesomely tyrannizing midnight,

The other name of life; is to indomitably stand for the unassailably righteous redolence of Omnipresent truth; overtopple the monsters of hell; with the sword
of timelessly sacrosanct unity,

The other name of life; is to indefatigably march on the mission to bond all estranged and disparagingly staggering mankind; with threads of unbreakably euphoric and propitiously beautiful camaraderie,

The other name of life; is to soar like a handsomely unblemished prince through the heavens of bountiful oneness; blissfully perpetuate the mantra of iridescent sharing; amongst all cold-bloodedly dreadful parasites,

The other name of life; is to unstoppably innovate a civilization of peerless jubilation all the time; trigger the element of congenital restlessness in your soul; to harness the most enthrallingly optimum of even the most frigid bits of lackadaisical space,

The other name of life; is to be a messiah of all opprobriously decaying living kind; dissipating the unfathomably majestic energy of your persona; to give birth to an immortally optimistic tomorrow,

The other name of life; is to take birth an infinite times again and again and again; for the beloved whom you had wholesomely dedicated your this life to,

And the other name of life; is to always follow the inner most voices of your heart; coalesce even the most diminutive ingredient of your blood with the spirit of divinely compassionate sensuality; even as the entire uncouthly monotonous world outside treated you as the devil’s wife.


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