The Religion Of Mankind

The most tenacious of threads protruding from the scalp ludicrously dithered and deteriorated; with advancing age that insidiously camouflaged them with coffins of dilapidated white,
But the threads of humanity were immortally timeless; unassailably augmenting from strength to strength; swirling as the most scintillating wave of benign togetherness; as each second crept by.

The most stupendously grandiloquent of fortresses succumbed like a pack of capriciously elastic cards; as bombs of treachery rained torrentially from the sky,
But the fortress of humanity was immortally impregnable; unflinchingly defending the entire tornado of devils bare-chested; with each of its brick entwined in the melodiously magical color of; philanthropic mankind.

The most vivacious of fruits extruding marvelously from ravishing soil; acrimoniously extinguished into winds of obsoletely horrendous oblivion; at the very first spell of salacious drought,
But the fruits of humanity were immortally bountiful; perennially flowering and spawning into a civilization of miraculously bequeathing symbiosis; even as the most fathomless of horizons; blended with impoverished earth.

The most scintillating of swords inexplicably lost their way; as the blanket of gruesome darkness took an ominous stranglehold over the brilliantly aristocratic day,
But the sword of humanity was immortally patriotic; indefatigably decimating even the most infinitesimal trace of evil forever from the morbidly remorseful atmosphere; compassionately sequestering all innocent in its humanitarian island of; ubiquitous belonging.

The most boundless of gloriously undulating oceans vindictively dried; as manipulative humans devised perniciously abominable contraptions to adulterate them all night and sweltering day,
But the ocean of humanity was immortally resplendent; perpetually pacifying the thirst of all those in barbaric devastation; Omnisciently appeasing even the most remotely frazzled nerve; with the tonic of unconquerable righteousness.

The most sagaciously sacrosanct of religion on this planet found itself engulfed by dungeons of horrific bloodshed; as uncouthly rudimentary fanatics; diabolically massacred it with a graveyard of stinking politics and gory corruption,
But the religion of humanity was immortally unshakeable; enchantingly melanging every humble molecule of Almighty Lord; in entrenchments of unsurpassable solidarity;
and alike.

The most dazzlingly dynamic of colors wore away into sinister whirlpools of dust; as the blistering Sun insatiably flamed for times immemorial upon; the murderously cracked soil,
But the color of humanity was immortally celestial; growing more and more astoundingly passionate as the seconds rampantly zipped by; merging all religion; caste; and spurious color; into the divine river of; unitedly priceless and Godly existence.

The most vibrantly thunderous of voices shrunk to a pathetically mollified mellow; as tyrannically torturous fireballs of lightening; pelted unforgivingly from the
colossal firmament of sky,
But the voice of humanity was immortally blazing; perpetuating countless rays of spell binding hope in all those dwellings besieged with orphaned loneliness and infirmed destitute; eventually evolving as the most irrefutably supreme sound; of all mankind.

The most flamboyantly fiery of breaths mockingly evaporated into devilishly hideous spaces of the ghastly corpse; when destiny and the cloudbursts of death whippingly proclaimed; that it was time up,
But the breath of humanity was immortally living; incredulously proliferating infinite new lives of optimistically endowing hope as the minutes unfurled; unrelentingly pioneering a blissful waterfall of mesmerizing tomorrow’s; with winds of sensuous sharing and empathy.

And the most tumultuously throbbing hearts wholesomely relinquished every iota of their beats; as the streams of blood intractably refrained to enter them; due to crippling cholesterol and truculent tension,
But the heart of humanity was immortally loving; eternally entwining every dejectedly wavering soul in an unfathomable cosmos of exuberantly ecstatic beauty and contentment; making every innocuous organism on this Universe feel as the richest alive; and forever embracing the religion of mankind.


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