The Richest Of All

When I saw her; my heart became an passionate ocean of love; throbbing more violently than the volcano fulminating mercilessly beneath hot soil,

When I saw her; my eyes became a paradise of emotions; with an insatiable propensity to wildly love now encompassing every cranny of their plain white,

When I saw her; my lips became gargantuan islands of spongy chocolate; diffusing an aroma of profuse sweetness in whatever they kissed and caressed,

When I saw her; my palms became mountains of invincible strength; ready to take on the mantle of the entire world and the most gruesomely acrid of thorns,

When I saw her; my speech became a gushing river of mesmerizing songs; capturing all the beauty entrenched in this world in the melody of its voice,

When I saw her; my teeth became a colossal fortress; with an astoundingly formidable tenacity to squelch even the most obdurate of nut into a million pieces,

When I saw her; my nose became a vivaciously flowing fountain; diffusing into a stream of enchantingly vibrant color and shades,

When I saw her; my feet became unfathomable tunnels of exotic energy; galloping at speeds never perceivable by any mankind,

When I saw her; my thoughts became a fascinating cloud of immortal romance; floating fervently through surreally alluring space,

When I saw her; my stride became a stupendously blossoming pond of lotus; sprouting into infinite petals of overwhelming fragrance and grace,

When I saw her; my muscles became the fathomless battlefield; marching forward with boisterous audacity; ready to demolish and swipe the tiniest trace of evil from the periphery of this earth,

When I saw her; my ears became the boundlessly unsurpassable sky; profoundly deciphering and imbibing every possible sound hovering in this Universe,

When I saw her; my stomach became a gigantic tree; able to handsomely assimilate any amount of food and water visible till far and wide,

When I saw her; my cheeks became a garden of redolent roses; blushing a splendid crimson till the onset of eternity,
When I saw her; my skin became an incredulously gaudy rainbow; impregnating in it virtually all possible shades that existed on this earth,

When I saw her; my sweat became a delectable beehive inundated with divinely nectar; wafting an aroma which had the ability to placate even the most sacrosanct of

When I saw her; my blood became a waterfall of voluptuous seduction; circulating rampantly and triggering a blazing trail of ardent desire all throughout my crisscrossed veins,

When I saw her; my whole body became a mirror of scintillating rays; a mirror which explicitly portrayed to me the very reason of my precious existence,

And when I saw her; my breath became even more purer than when I was just born; infact I could say with insurmountable pride; the richest of all amongst every
living kind.


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